About the class changes on Re:Build


This might be already have an awnser on the forum posts but i will ask anyway. What you going to do about the ppl How spend their time grinding their characters for a build “X” which contains some of the classes which changed Trees? For example enchanter, the Thaumaturge, even that beatiful costume got It after countless tries on the bullet market master quest the hidden class of the Shinobi etc. I mean i know there is a lot of unlock vouchers on the market because of the Leticia Clubes, which i think It was strategicaly put before the rebuild to people make some more money, but still, people spent their times farming that alemeth spot for that flower, spent a few more hours ir silvers to get that itens, and now you guys wanna us to make all that again? Let me just be clear, i think it’s Fair to new scouts have to do their new quests but you guys think it’s fair to pre Re:Build players do all of those quests again? Thanks for the hard work as always.


read it there, hope it answer your question


Sorry about that, my mistake was not thinking st8 and slowing checking the forum posts, thank you for the reply. Have good day.

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