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About *that* beam with high photosensibility on Delmore Battlefield

As the title says… I believe you all know what beam I’m talking about. I didn’t want to put this on Gameplay Bug and Report because it’s not a bug, but I think it needs to be fixed.

There’s an attack pattern on Delmore Battlefield Automatch (Normal) that throws a beam at one fixed person, following you. This beam has a bright and alternating color pattern of red and blue, and is highly problematic for people with high photosensibility problems.

Can you fix it to reduce the chances of giving an epilepsy attack to someone or something similar?

Thank you for reading <3


hello, as a person like photosensitivity, I confirm that it is problematic. It’s a really beautiful raid, as I haven’t seen in the game for a long time, but that super death ray makes me suffer a lot. If there was even a small option to make it smoother I would appreciate it a million times over.

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Let the epileptic troubled from it so they can sue imc just so finally imc can send them free exp tomes

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