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About Sage Builds

Recently a try Sage with Vaivora, and i like it a lot, so a want some good build for Sage.
For now i’m use Sage/ Rune Caster/ Onmyoji
before this i try use Sage/ Chrono/ Rune.

Someone have a different build? and tips for sage!

It’s all about what you want your additional classes to do : do you want more single target damage? More AOE? More CC? More utility?

hmm, a bit of all, now i’m using Sage/Rune/Chrono
( i think Hole of Darkness is a Non-porperty magic )
I’m want Chrono VV lvl 4 to build a Non-Porperty Wizard

i aways liked Sage/Warlock combo, blind by sage amplify some warlock skills, so is a nice combo, maybe sage/wlk/chrono?

You probably want Sage and RC vvr over chrono, the RC boost is very good, especially if you don’t use rune of rock

other question, about ichor set,
Rune/Sage have some casting skills, actually i’m using Ziburynas Ichor, i want try use Gabija ichor ( Holy Flame )
200% Damage on skills casting and -20% Cooldown time!
Do you think Holy Flame is better than Ziburynas for this build?

Yes, it’ll let you use more of your casting spells.

It depends on which skill you use really.
200% seem like a lot but it’s only 60% more than the overload’s 140% bonus, and it means all your non casting time skills have 0%. Also keep in mind that this bonus is added to other damage bonus like boruta seal, armor enchant, class buffs (unless it’s written "final damage) etc.

It would work well for RC but which sage skill have a casting time? Dimension compression?

I’m not sure how effective Ultimate Dimension is with the level 4 sage vv, but Hole of Darkness (which is casting) and the level 1 effect contributed the most damage when I played Sage. So reducing the cooldowns of Hole of Darkness (40 sec without casting set, 32 sec with the full casting set) makes more sense. With the SFR nerfs and HP reductions, Sage also has a 20 second duration on the clone from the Blink Arts, and it can finally use the Dimension Compression (without the Arts), so you have enough time to use all the sage spells.

Sage Hole of Darkness and Dimension Compession is a Casting skill