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About Sadhu and Kabbalist

It’s been some time since I last wanted to talk about Sadhu, but now I was wondering how is this class at the moment.
The idea of playing with a character and his “detached soul” makes me wanna try Sadhu. So…
Is it hard? Is it worth?

About kabbalists, how are they now? I can no longer see people playing with this class. Is it dead? :frowning:

Sadhu is quite decent IMO. Downside is most skills have small AOE so require being up close. Additionally, they have a bit long casting time and some lock caster in place so quite risky. OOB normal attack is still weak. But with buffed skill factor, low cd and OOB reset, ABE double hits make up for that. Prana is nice addition to sadhu’s kit.

Kabbalist I find it highly overshadowed by druid. Lycan human form dmg boost is far better than gevura. Chortas heal is also far better than sephiroth tree. Other skills are not impactful (ein sof low hp increase, nachash covered by simple cure or oracle’s prophecy, R7F protect only 1 hit and not even dramatic dmg reduction)
It may matter in niche build. I tried sadhu-crus-kabba, it synergizes with high dmg few hits skills and gives much needed heal. But pretty much inferior to druid everywhere else.

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sadhu is decent burst.only left prakriti as dot which most people dont max it or simply just use it to run.
and the aoe still better than crusader at least.i like sadhu playstyle.

kabba is a still decent support.though most people would rather pick diev this day as x in priest-oracle-x.though i will not compare it with druid cause they actually have different category.kabba is more supportive type like oracle,pd,diev,priest.personally i like diev more.

Since I started playing I have in mind playing with Sadhu or Kabba. I’ll avoid Kabba for now and try Sadhu because I don’t have a support to add Kabba there.

Could any of you share a Sadhu build?

I’m using this

Prakiti have low scaling so I leave at lv1.
OOB vs ABE is debatable, very hard too choose since both have additional effects and good scaling. In the end I choose ABE because I need more AOE skill.

Sadhu is dead, Kabbalist is dead.

Both classes need a rework, the developers are going to rework a lot of classes this year, so you better hope those two classes are in it.

Yes, you can actually use both classes, but the problem is that there are simply other classes that do the same thing but better. Sadhu is outclassed by Exorcist and Crusader and does not offer anything to your build in contrast those those two classes (Exorcist has +20% holy damage via Gregorate and Crusader has +40% magic damage with Chant).
It’s also stuck with psychokinesis element, the worst element in the Cleric tree because it doesn’t benefit from any buffs/debuffs for any element that come from the Cleric tree or any other tree.

Meanwhile, holy property has huge boosts (mainly Capella,Judgment,Gregorate) and even fire/lightning work great (Conviction,Tri-disaster Charm,Storm Calling) with the right setup.

And we cannot forget the clunky play style of Sadhu. It’s not as bad as it once was in between, but still not really the kind of style you want to have for the once super-mobile Sadhu.

That and the damage sucks. The class is crying for Druid and Crusader to boost its output. Possession, the once most reliable AoE damage skill, is now a single target damage skill, and the other skills rely on working with OOB.

I can understand that some people like the new Sadhu, but I’m not exactly a friend of what happened to it. Maybe it will be remade somehow, but I doubt it changing much.

Kabbalist is just clunky and was nerfed into oblivion with successive updates. Don’t ever use it, there are better alternatives for whatever you’re planning to do.
If you’re looking for a healer, it’s better to go for Pardoner, he’s far more helpful for any content.

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Oh, sad to hear that. Well I’ll keep leveling the classes I have at the moment and maybe in a near future I’ll think over it again. Thx everybody who joined this discussion.

Really, I never liked Sadhu’s playstyle even before Re:Build and now you get locked in spirit state when using Astral Body Explosion. It’s just… bad. I’m running a 4fun build Chaplain>Crusader and was going for Sadhu just for Prana, but it’s really not worth it at all. So in the end I choose Exorcist for the damage boost from Gregorate and the class has other super useful and strong skills too.

i do shadu exo druid, and it was good. Since after new patch, Shadu actually can compete with Crusade in term of DPS (without their vaivora). But because Crusade already shine to bright, and shadu knownly bad, people just leave shadu and become holy knight :smiley:

Shadu now are more bossing oriented than mobbing with ABE, but you can build both and it still do fine.