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About PVP Shadow Mancer

I joining feud as a Shadow Mancer and found that in “Shadow Pool” skill’s state, i still receive dmg from ShockLink ( linker’s skill ) and if i get dmg after im in this state ( ex: dmg from magic missle since the missle need time to reach you ) i will be unable to move. Im not sure if this is a bug or its just Shadow Pool cant evade target skill and can anyone expain why i cant move after receiving dmg? Tks guys xD

probably lag. the skill was casted to you before server picks up your shadowpool state? ‘w’?

Oh ty, so the shadow pool cant cancel the link :frowning: what about the reason i cant move after being hit while in shadow state? Anyone know about it?

I am playing shadowmancer in feud and got the same problem. I agree with Aoi that the caster might already used the link before you go down and lag cause you thought you take the link after you were in pool.

But i am not sure if the shock link could “freeze” you is intended or bugged.

@STAFF_Yuri could you answer this question for us?

Lets hope its a bug and they will maybe fix it in a month or two.

And i have already see this happen to another shadowmancers. Getting in the shadow pool after you where linked will not break the skill, but the stun/freeze seems kinda unfair.

Hello, i will push this thread up since the issue is still there even after big ep 11 update.

I hope the staff can answer the question.
Me too using shadowmancer at gem feud.
And whenever a linker hit me with shocklink, i got damage and then become stuck therefore can not move in shadow pool state until i die or resurface.

Please help @STAFF_Yuri

I can confirm this bug as I am shadowmancer too.

Also, for some,reason, bleeding also stops you and makes you inmobile while you are in shadow pool sometimes.

I have sent a ticket just now. Lets wait and keep the thread alive.

If any of you play shadowmancer and confirmed the bug, please comment here and hope we get staff’s attention.