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About "Offsetting" Stats

Anyone know how does this stats works exactly?

Based in how it’s seem in game it only gives defence against damage from the tipe the stat it’s.
In the case of “Attack against Leather Armored Offsetting” it will give defence based if
-You are wearing leather armor?
-The enemy has leather armor?
-The enemy has Attack agasint Leather Armored Targets Stat

So what i want to know it’s in which of this three cases does the stat works, or other that i din’t mention

in PVE: You are wearing leather armor
in PVP: The enemy has Attack against Leather Armored Targets Stat

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Ohhh! Nice, so for PVE it’s pretty good actually, thanks a lot!

almighty @crevox can you confirm this?
i thought its as simple as getting extra def of enemies armor type
like if its leather then you get extra def if enemies armor type is leather, no matter in pvp or pve

Having the stat Attack against Leather Armored Target Offsetting will reduce your damage taken by a percentage if you are wearing leather. This damage reduction is based on the level of the enemy attacking you. You can view this percentage for an enemy of equivalent level to you in your F1 stat menu.

Having the stat Attack against Leather Armored Target Offsetting will counteract the opposite Attack against Leather Armored Targets stat, which is a stat that increases damage dealt against enemies that are wearing leather. If an enemy has this attack stat, their % damage gain against you will be reduced based on how much offset you have.

If an enemy does not have this stat, then the offset stat will do nothing in PVP. It exists only to counteract the opposite attack stat. In the end, this can only ever reduce your damage taken back to the default amount if it was boosted by this opposite attack stat, and no further.


so in pve that will make medium offsetting the best then since players considered medium?

No difference in effectiveness compared to the armor type offsettings, but sure, less conditional for yourself.

Hello @crevox,

Is there a cap for this defensive stat?

Thanking you

The sum of all offsetting bonuses for PVE can’t go beyond 50%.

Where could i find that information @crevox
I didn’t find anything explaining about offsetting equipment for PvE, and i test it but i didn’t see any difference using it

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Does it make a difference to stack only 1 type or both?
For example 2 pieces with Medium offsetting and 2 pieces with Leather offsetting. WIll it have the same effect as 4x of one of them?

Having two different types, in this case Medium Offsetting and Leather Offsetting, would result in less of a damage reduction, than stacking a single type. This has to do with how different damage reductions are multiplied with each other instead of being additive.

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I thought all blue offset stat would stack together no ? Many in my server stacks both leather and medium or cloth medium.

Do you mean multiple lines on the same piece of equipment? You can certainly do that for a further damage reduction.

I really need the list of all ingame calculation formulas
Can’t build anything properly without knowing how things work

I mean like 25% leather reduction and 25% medium reduction would result in 50% reduction in total. I do know the overall damage reduction is multiplicative, but blue offset would be additive before bringing to the final calculation.

It did occur to me that it could work this way, but given they are separate stat lines they would theoretically be multiplied. But to be sure I tested, and ultimately I found within a rounding error of 1 damage, that they do work in the way I described.

In my test I have, 40739 PDEF, 2497 Medium Offsetting, and 979 Leather Offsetting, and no other damage reductions. I am level 450, against a level 398 Infro Crabil which has 3852 PATK, and I tested on his 100% skill factor skill.

My calculated damage received is: 136
My in game damage received is: 137

Calculated Medium Offsetting: 2497/(398*30)*100 = 0.2091
Calculated Leather Offsetting: 979/(398*30)*100 = 0.0819

Calculated Total Damage Reduction: (1-0.2091)*(1-0.0819) = 0.72

Calculated Damage Received: (3852*0.72)(min(1,log10((3852/(40739+1))^0.9+1))) = 136


If they stacked additively:

Calculated Total Damage Reduction: 1-(0.0819+0.2091) = 0.7

Calculated Damage Received: (3852*0.7)(min(1,log10((3852/(40739+1))^0.9+1))) = 132

Summary: From my testing different Offsettings are multiplied together.


Thanks, sounds like I need to take a look again at all my ichor now emoticon_0008


without offset
Calculated Damage Received: (3852*1)(min(1,log10((3852/(40739+1))^0.9+1))) = 189

case: rerolling 1 weapon with 1 blue offset or 2 blue offset is better?
with only 979 leather offset
Calculated Damage Received: (3852*0.91)(min(1,log10((3852/(40739+1))^0.9+1))) = 173

with 979 leather offset and 979 medium offset
Calculated Damage Received: (3852*0.84)(min(1,log10((3852/(40739+1))^0.9+1))) = 159