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About new master card

so this is only useful for CM and DS right?
1 lv 10 card= +13% dmg
3 lv 10 card= +39% dmg, only when you have 7+ monster around you

Blue Card is

Reduces damage taken from bosses +[★ * 0.4]%

I tot imc gave us double damage cards XDD

Me too! xD

72% damage increase when CM’ing wow

sadly the blue one only adds 12% boss damage reduction ( 3 pcs )… IMC typo at its finest … lol …

So is the blue cards better then say Zaaura and nuaele for boss fights?

Tbh personally i still think 30% of pdef/mdef is better than 12% boss reduction. Changing cards isnt hard to do unlike changing ichors . Just have to prep before going raids/wb/wbr unnamed

Ah yea its not for convenience im asking. But wondered which actually gives you the better resistance for wbr and raid. Most likely depends on how high your m.def and p.def is to start with. But at what point does p.def reduce more dmg then raw 12% reduction?

people on ktos uses that card a lot , i believe it should be because they have equips with super high enchant, like 30+ after that anvil fest, so once you reach certain mdef-def, getting pure reduction instead of extra defense is worth more i think, this is not my personal experience, is just what i heard about, i would still go with + % defense since i don’t have those super high defense-mdef.

But that doesn’t make sense, unless the dmg reduction curves out once you get over a certain number of p.def. Because as far as i understand it, Zaaua and Nuale is a multiplier of your p.def/m.def. So with higher numbers those cards would raise it even more. Makes more sense if you have alot lower p.def the 12% dmg reduct would be better.

100.000 p.def + 30% = 130.000
10.000 p.def + 30% = 13.000

So there is a 27.000 diff between having Zaaura card with 10k def and 100k def.

exactly that man, there is defense curve in the formula, the more you have the less impact it have, to know when is too much, i don’t know as well but that 27k defense could means nothing like 1-2% reduction that would be far less than the card gives , like i said , it seems that once you reach full high equip with super enchant, is good to swap.
the linear defense formula we had is gone since 2018 i believe, where we could stack defense until getting pretty much no damage.

Well i’m gonna buy em all the same, i do get all the cards from badge shop. So i’ll just have to try them out xD

how much damage reduction limit? i mean with cleric u can have many damage reduction up to 100%

well if it goes beyond 100% you would get healed xD But not sure where the cap lies =/ Can you really have 100% as cleric and not take any dmg at all?

You can’t get 100%. Multiple damage reduction is multiplicative instead of additive.

Some reduction might additive with other reduction but generally multiplicative.

maybe some boss deal fixed damage or ignore damage reduction, full upgrade cleric can reach around 120k++ mdef and def with many damage reduction from buff,eq, enchant and blocking stance , but still dead vs raid boss

starting at def 50k zaura cards are better, below that the new blue card is a bit better