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About item prices and market

so I’m a returning player that has been away from the game ever since the cbt ended and I’m kinda lost.
I’m wondering if it’s any worth it to sell lvl 380 or so equipment on the market and if it is, do the stats matter? do they make it more expensive?
tried searching about stuff like this but most of the info I can find on the game is either too old or very little lol

Only at Lv430 random stat gear now, older cant have highest stats.
Fixed stat gear can be worth much or little, depends on item.

so should I just dismantle random stat gear til I reach level cap?
what’s the use of random stat gear? you can transfer the stats or something to your actual gear?

dismantle <lv 400 random stat gear. Lv 400 gear you can put enchant jewel and sell. Lv 430 gear you can extract the stats and transfer to lv380 Velcoffer/lv 400 Varna (best) gear

How do people ultilised LV400 gear with enchant jewel? i see mostly everyone is wearing savinose/varna

Enchants can be moved to other items at Alchemist Master in MinersVillage.

Very low cost if the LvL is the same, but costs a lot if lvl is different. That’s why ppl use Lv400 for enchants gear instead of new 430.

Ah i see! is it possible to move enchants from unique grade to legend grade? I do see different grades when i dissembling items

Item Type does not matter, only the Lv and items “trade-ability’”

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