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About ice wall pressure damage and Psycho skill

Hi all,
i have some question about ice wall pressure.
first, how the damage is calculated for ice wall pressure ;
(role state magic attack) * (ice wall skill factor) or (pressure skill factor) or other calculation?

And, is the Raise skill of Psycho worth be added? what is the timing to use the skill? it seem the skill is chicken ribs.


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Bumping thread, i’d apreciate some info on that combo too, also some skillbuild would help, i don’t remember how many ice walls are u actually able to hit despite the description (i mean, depending on the aoe dimensions of PP)

I’m not exactly sure about how the skill value is calculated. I think it is based off the Ice Wall level and not PP level but there might be other factors into play I might be wrong.

Regarding how many Ice Walls you can hit, normally I would be able to hit around maybe 10 Ice Walls with Normal Psychic Pressure. However, I have tested and with Onmyoji’s Fire Fox Shikigami attribute, I can hit 16 Ice Walls (4 x 4 formation).

If anyone could give an insight to how the damage is calculated it would be of great help.

I only recall ice shard doing 100% magic attack per shard, will test again soon.
Edit: tested, still 100% magic attack.

Each tile hit produce 3 shards.
Psychic pressure (boosted with fire fox) can deal 20 hits, 16 tiles each hit. Could hit more tiles (4*5) but I find it quite rare to set up.
Gravity pole extra hit from fire fox can deal 20 hits, 16 tiles per hit as well.

Most of these still hold true. Only change is that ice wall durability is higher so it can withstand full PP+GP now.

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