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About enhanced upgrade arts and Arts level

My brother has bought the following enhanced upgrade art and art:

Bullet Marker - Mozambique Drill, Thaumaturge - Swell Brain: physical

He has level 100 attribute Mozambique Drill and Thaumaturge level 45 and he CANNOT level up these abilities even with the required matters.

Is it a bug?

idk whether its fixed or not, but the text for art level up was requires 36000(not 3600) attribute points and another tome( 2 pages and 5 blessed gem). so for 10 level arts you need 360000 attribute points 20 tome pages and 50 blessed gem. if you really meet the requirement but theres still problem, then you better add video proof and report it through ticket

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really? that’s insane. like … wtf? that’s too much! but thank you.

nope.insanity is getting a +4 seal.youre welcome.

lv 9 to 10 legend card fail

boruta seal lv 4 to 5

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thats more like krtos insanity.itos barely have players with +4 seal.let alone legend cards above 5 or 6.

dont let this thing let you down man, those are high end stuff when you dont have any better less gambling thing to invest like arks, enchant/awakening that you can bought now,best stat ichor etc,

It doesnt require 36000 attribute points per level for enhance arts. If you chec it requires 3057 attribute points per level for the enhance arts i saw at least. While swell brain is 7200 attribute points per level.
The page and blessed gem cost is true though.