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About Daggers And Pistols

So I’m confuse about damages on sub weapons… does dagger shares damage on pistol skills like for example bullet marker? cuz investing both sub weapon is expensive. I don’t know if sword in scouts are just for fillers ? if so why just equip lvl 1 sword and focus on subs right lol? .

Really scout is a little confusing when it comes to damage… sorry im noob hope everyone can explain this to me :V

If you aren’t squire or Corsair (more so Corsair) The sword is just a stat stick, focus on your sub weapon.

sooner or later you will make a dagger scout and a pistol scout separately

Some skills like linker’s electric shock can be used with both dagger and pistol while some are locked to either dagger or pistol. If you’re going to choose bullet marker and then assassin, you’d have to invest in both dagger and pistol since assassin skills need a dagger to be used and bullet marker skills need a pistol to be used. If it’s for something like a linker-enchanter-bullet marker, then only investing on a pistol is fine.

As for swords, it’s the same reason you invest on dagger/shield for other classes. People still use good swords because of the stats you get from them. And enchanters, in particular, still use wastrel sword because of its special effect that works with lightning hands.

Anyway, for scout, just consider that all of their skills are based on subweapon (with a few skill exceptions in corsair and squire).

Squire is dagger based now. Corsair is also minorly affected by your sword. Afaik the current hexen tooltip is inaccurate.