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About brown colimen flower's drop rate

Recently I get trouble in brown colimen flower.I think something wrong with the drop rate of that.Beacuse this morning, I have farm 300k in EVAC but I have not got flowers.During the time I killed a Silver-Shiny brown colimen,but I only got silver.
Maybe it is a bad luck to me, but no one put that on the market. Acctually, I need 90pcs flowers to make terrallion.I need to farm a whole day that can I get a flower. It means I need 3 months to finish my necklace T T.
GM helpppppppp, plz

I got a bunch of them, the drop rate is very low.

Corsair Jolly Roger helps…

This patch destroyed silver/gold/blue mobs in some map…where it’s give nothing. Evac exp mob give the same 15k exp. I’m 233 soloing there coz no party lol. Even at the 274map gold mob drop silver mobs money only lol…9k gold for a lvl274 gold mob. I don’t know what the he’ll this patch does…some mob droprates nerfed to oblivion. Not counting the silver/gold/exp mob give literally nothing in some maps

This is why everyone should look for PeltCorsair for their parties instead of just Pelt. Best party class, Swordsman #1 economy support suck it Oracle.

I hope GM notice this thread. The drop rate is wrong or the quantity for that recipe should be fixed to 9 or even less (maybe 3 or 4). I openned an issue asking help to the TOS SUpport team, I hope they will fix it.

Some links about the drop rate: