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Abandoned Main Quest EP 12and Cant Get It Back

Date and Time: 21-08-2020, Around 20.58 GMT+7

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Beppo

Character Name: Doc

Bug Description :
Im doin my ep12 main story with my party, im abandoned "Lv 436 Laima Spinning Wheel (4) cause im going outside before i light the candle, but the quest still there to take again. After “Lv 436 Laima Spinning Wheel (4)” custscene, im changing map to Rinkmas, but cant do anything to continue quest, so i abandoned again. But now i cannot get the quest back again. Already try relog, change map, verify integrity, restart my pc and still cant get it back. Help.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

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Game Control Mode : Keyboard


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Did you tried to go one map back and talk with the wheel?

Yes already try back to Skaida, but the Wheel not there. Cant open candle because need to talk to wheel 1st.

Halo need help here, ticket dont help either after 11 days @GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

You should have a wheel item in your inventory at this point I believe that you use.

Wow thanks alot! I only see candle but didnt see the “Pendulum” to open another dimension! Solved!

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