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A suggestion to tone down boss exploding shiny/glare/lighting effect

after countless cm/saalus/quest/other dungeon boss kill its just start to feel uncomfortable for my eyes

the exploding effect are way too intense/strong and make whole screen close to white, applied to nearly all bosses, and some of them are muc, much, much more intense than other (im playing at lowest brightness setting on my desktop), and honestly i have to close my eyes a bit or alt tabbing just to avoid the effect every after boss kill, on exeception for boss like minotaur and naktis that doesnt have any shiny exploding effect or other bosses.

unfortunately warmode turn off effect completely, while unchecking show other character effect doesnt disable that exploding effect.

it feels like getting hit by flashbang from fps game, hope devs would consider this for QoL purposes.


and the blinking red screen everytime your HP is dying, please just make blinking red notif in your HP bar

lol, me too, i alt tab when the window focus on boss when they die.
But i think it’s fine too.

flashbang everywhere :sad:

this is my “normal” exploding effect (which applied to most of bosses, do skip to 8:18 to check, but it still so bright

or from this screenshot

on the other hand, in some of my run (or some specific boss) it doesnt shiny at all (probably it should be like this one)
for e.g on this clip

do skip to 8:18 to check

This is weird , i don’t get similar bloom in such events . The closest i ever got are from dievs statues. ( Effects all turned up btw)

By chance are you on a radeon GPU?

i dont experience this, except from my sorc evocation skill using frosterlord (other boss = no flash) to troll people in feud mostly

my settings is not even low…

im not sure which setting ive messed up, but im always playing with all effect unchecked beside “showing all other character effect” (and i ticked that only in raid/pvp)
pretty much playing like this for a long time, but lately it start bugging my eyes

im using nvidia gtx 950m (laptop) @Ersakoz


Here’s mine for reference

i tought changing UseHighEffect will help, seems like not helping :tired:

i doubt even full reinstall will helps

Got the same problem when activating Froster Lord with my Summoner. All the screen goes white for everyone…

Not mentioning the time when I was tanking all the little mobs in Castle Mission then someone killed one of the bosses offscreen (with big slowing effect and camera movement towards the dead boss) and by the time I got the view back to my character… it was dead :tired:

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