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A somewhat small regret. whoever happens to know. thanks : )

hi !
a long time ago [months ago, maybe between 5 to 1 month ago.
i wrote a post i wasn’t confident enough to post on the forum, it was about this rumor i heard of a new npc
that was going to provide you with ways to buy hard to get items example: practonium.
concidering how practonium was provided with TP on recent events, i take it this idea was declined or replaced. i’m not sure myself.

that being the case i wrote it instead on a “News” patch note as a comment instead.

i wrote an idea or suggestions for the sole point of making it more Fun [basically brainstorming]
it kinda resembles the whale event idea [map exploration]

out of curiosity i’m writing this post to ask you if there happens to be a way to Search for an old post you wrote yourself
on patch notes comments.

i already tried searching for it but it seems like a lost case so… anyone knows a way to look it up ?
all i remember is that i think i made that comment on the first patch note for [game mechanics changes.]

that being said, i’m just asking out of curiosity if there’s a way to search on patch notes just in case anyone knows
a feature i wasn’t aware of :x .

i just wanted to read it again for brainstorms
Thank you for reading.

In the top right, you should see your profile picture, click on it. Then you will see your name to the left of the profile picture click on your name. Then, it should lead you to your account / profile page. From your profile page, you will see activity on one of the tabs click on that, then scroll down until you can find the old post your talking about.

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Typing a piece/sentence from the post on the Search space could help too, but you might need to remember at least some of what you typed before…

if you cant remember at all, then @creary954 option should be quicker…

it’s not a post, it’s a comment on a patch note :confused:

you mean as in a facebook comment at the bottom of a patch note?_?

then trying to locate the comment on your facebook account, it might show up…

I don’t have FB so, I won’t be able to help with that…



a post like this one, normally when a patch note pops up, you have an option to make comments at the bottom of the patch note.

strangely enough i couldn’t find one Right now when i wanted to show it to you, but just imagine there being an option to comment.

That’s where i wrote it.

They took it off, i usually commented in every single one that they should take their time in repairing the already inside game bugs, instead of introducing more and more bugs. Eventually, since everyone was doing it, they removed the comments sections. I do not know if you even could search for the previous ones, best choice is searching in FB for them. Try to go to your posts section in FB.

think worth a try if i ask them to see if what i wrote could be recovered ?

I think he means that they removed the comments on here, but the comments might still be on the ToS facebook page…

but what you said could work too…