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A slightly different point of view..? A note to the other community members

Nope im not expecting it to be perfect. You dont love stuff because its perfect, you love it because you love it, together with the imperfections.

Like i said, RO fans have unique taste and not everyone will like RO. Same goes for TOS, some people may not like TOS, but others will love it to death. Some may not get whats all the hype about, but others know they are at home once they enter the environment.

Some of the devs for TOS made RO, and they also said they made it close to RO, so this is something that RO players have been waiting for, its not a few years but it can be a decade. its been ■■■■■■■ 12 years since i played RO with my friends, and in between 12 ■■■■■■■ years i played many, many MMOs and none could be compared to my RO experience, that is my taste.

That said, not everyone had the same experience in RO, some may had unpleasant experiences, i can totally understand.

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mmos through out their existance will and shall always merge low pop servers as standard operating procedure.

all those MMOS titles out there did it.

kToS has same founders pack value but NO EA. lower it to a 1+ week then ill be silent about it.

well said i would’ve quoted everything.

I realize you always hit the nail on the bullseye. Spoken like a true RO fan. I know one when i see one.

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Some were really excited and some were just really upset about the news really and so it created 2 factions, throwing craps at each other just to see who’s the biggest douche but I guess that’s what happen when you have AC temperature IQ.

Truthfully, I was pretty taken aback at first, ya know, but after giving it some thoughts, it’s just a game which is my hobby in my spare time. Unless it is a necessity then that’s something to brag about.

Basically, if you want to spend money then go on right ahead, if you don’t, no one will make you to do it. It’s just the community kept whining every 5 minutes telling and recycling the same topic just to get something out of it. I do agree with building criticism such as absurd 3 months EA and separate server. But all I see is just kids mashing their keyboard, who’s peasants and not, madly squealing at each other.

Rome wasn’t build in a day so give this game a chance, and if not, just walk away, no harm and no need to tell the world you are doing it.

:wink: Since CB. Though… I still miss old Payon.

Nicely said.

Do whatever suits you but if someone chooses not to play, they dont have to kill the sport for the rest.

Ikr. Old payon was nice and easy to navigate and people actually stays there. New payon was messy thus everyone gathers at prontera.

Everyone misses Payon. :upside_down:

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I’m all for dialogue about other options or disappointment. I’m obviously a fangirl of the game. I make no bones about it. I was excited from the first time I logged in and it’s only built since then.

It was that same excitement that I felt when I made my first character in RO. Very different games, but still capturing something that is missing from a lot of modern MMORPGs that isn’t easily put into words. That is why I will support the game if at all possible while they wade the waters of the western market which is known to be fickle. We’re vocal and hard to please–that isn’t a bad thing in and of itself.

What I do think is bad, is the tendency of things getting blown out of proportion on the forums. The forums are our only way of communicating with IMC at the moment (though there hasn’t been the best of communication for a while now).

The game needs work, it’s unpolished and rough…

but I’d like to think even some of the more jaded players can see that ToS is a diamond in the rough so to speak. It has a lot of promise. It’s actually a pretty solid little game as it is.

I’m not saying people are wrong for being dissatisfied with the company though. Everyone has a right to dislike how things are being handled right now. I get it, I really really do. But just like you said pointed out… there’s people just madly squealing at each other.

It’s hard to sift through that to see the real complaints and I really wish more clear headed people would speak up no matter their opinion on the current matter.

And even if I disagree with someone’s view… as long as they’re being respectful I’ll happily support their right to complain til I’m blue in the face.

Been debating rolling back onto the servers for a few days just for the nostalgia factor. I logged into my old alchie and was surprised to see how crowded Pront was.

1 month early access boyz - they asked the community (as for now % been at 65 doubt itll change) 10 USD for 1 month of early access + basically 1 month VIP (if you choose to spend your currency on this)

anybody who creates a hateful topic AGAIN just gonna be laughed at anyways - thats the best solution they offered - they in no way HAD to do this - no company on earth listens to their community at all (ok with a few exceptions) so big move from IMC kudos to them

Yeap, this is the root. Things get blown out of proportions. Small issues become big issues. The thing is the EA and founder pack is on hold until further notice, its not even confirmed right now. IMC staff are re-evaluating the solution. Therefore, all the unhappiness and rant in forums is unwarranted. I’d rather everyone spend time discussing good old RO times, or they can discuss good new TOS times instead of discussing issues that are not even confirmed.

They are unhappy people about the EA and founders pack but whats more serious is the whiteknights attacking the idea as well, these add flame to the already angered people, thinking its justified to hate on the company and the company is evil, have you seen facebook, people are calling on the rest to unlike to page, flag steam, spam nonsensical comments to destroy the game and IMC. It is too brutal. Not to mention theres this joker spreading the image in every forum post as a propaganda to hate to the founders pack which is not even sold yet.

Ugh, that’s actually pretty disturbing! I mean it’s good that they responded so quickly… considering that IMC is on a 13 hour time difference… or is it 12? I forget, it’s been a while since I’ve been back from living in Busan. Plus daylight savings…

I don’t know, I’ve always felt that while they do take a lot of what the community says to heart. I just hope that a vocal minority doesn’t end up dominating the discussions. :confused:

And there you go, IMC is doing a poll right now regarding about the a week, 1 month and 3 months early access. If people still saying IMC don’t care, I don’t know what will.

They are not perfect but they’re good to say the least so my thanks to all the staffs, you are doing a good job and may you have a very wonderful day.

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Everyone for or against, just see this. They apologized and poll is going on. TIME TO PLAY

That one month set of tiers is awfully nice… wonder if they’d still do March 22?

I really hope so because i really cant wait for the real RO2 !!

probably not - bet they gonna adjust the early access to their official release or however you may call it in june - but again just a mere guess

Me either :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it and have friends from all over the globe who feel the same. Been a long while since I thought about launching a guild and being really involved in a game… but I think I might for this one. I really want it to be the most it can be.

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