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A simple leveling guide

First of all:

*** this isn’t a guide made by myself but I got it from another site which is currently offline. In order to remember myself from the leveling route, I decided to post it here. This is not a “newbie guide” nor even a guide for starters! If you’re starting now, I suggest you to look for a proper guide which contains all descriptions of the maps and how the game really works. I don’t know if it is the best leveling route, however I’ve been following this since I started playing this game - last year, if I can remember … For those who have better knowledge about the leveling path, feel free to join this conversation. Thx “Game e Prosa” for the initial guide and “Talt It” for the leveling path.

- T H E B E G I N N I N G O F A N A D V E N T U R E -

  • From level 1 to 20: I’d like to start saying that I do not do the early game quests so if you’re new to this game I advise you to follow the questlines so you can level up your adventure journal, explore maps, earn more silver and gears, know the story better and maybe level up even faster. I don’t know lol. So what do I do: focus on killing monsters until you hit level 20 ~ 25. That’s when you head yourself to Tenet Garden map. Kill everything in your path so you can get some levels. for those who have never played this game: I always put some talts on my storage chest so I can sell them for 5k silver so I can take buffs and a portal to Tenet Garden map. If you’re new and do not have money for this, grind some maps, earn your money and then you go to Klaipeda again to buff and portal.

  • Tenet Garden map (from 20~25 to 50~80): Just kill the mobs here until you get level 50. If you have money to buy buffs, go to the level 50 dungeons 3x and you’ll hit maybe 65~75 depending on the day and if you have extra buffs. If you still don’t have money for buffs + portals you can stay at Tenet Garden map until you hit level 80.

  • Feretory Hills (from 75~80 to 124): Just kill the hallowventers here. The other mobs aren’t worth killing. When you run out of buffs, go to the city, take’em again and go 3x level 50 dungeon AND when you hit 100 you’re able to do the mercenary post dungeon. You can go to Siauliai and Crystal Mine to level up a bit killing monsters there. Keep doing this until level 124 +/-.

  • Demon Prison District 2 (from 124 to 202): Here is the thing: kill everything non-stopping and hit level 202. If you kill a purple monster, a portal will be opened and you can do the challenge mode stages.

  • Cranto Coast (from 202 to 210/220) and Igti Coast (210/220 - 230/240): Kill everything here. Start at Cranto Coast and when you hit 210/220 you go to Igit Coast which is the next map. If you want you can do all the quests here. They give you some money and experience and … let’s be honest: if you’re already here, why don’t do everything on the maps? lol - don’t be lazy!

  • H E R E I S W H E R E T H E Q U E S T S B E G I N -

  • Kalejimas Visiting Room (230+ until 270+ (the higher the better): start here when you hit 230 and to all the questline here. You’ll end up at Investigation Room after traveling around these maps: Storage, Solitary Cells, Workshop and finalli Investigation Room. You should be around level 270. If you finished grinding the monsters + quests and didn’t hit level 270, farm more monsters, go to the mercenary post, do 3x level instance dungeon and you’ll hit it.

  • Jeromel Park + Jonael Comemorative Orb (270+ until 320+ (the higher the better): Do the quests, kill the monsters go to the challenge mode thing + dg 270+ + mercenary post and grind the monsters… You got it.

  • Sausis Room 9 questline (320+ until … well, only God knows): People come here a lot to do the challenge mode in groups so when you see a chat recruiting players to go to SR9CM you should go lol

Do the entire questline, do the CM, go to the level DG + mercenary post, grind the monsters a bit. You route is: SR9, SR10, Valandis Room 2, Valandis Room 3, Valandis Room 91 and finally Valandis Room 3 - if I’m not mistaken lol. You should get at least level 350+.

  • Baltinel Memorial questline (341+ BUT you should have gotten more levels until now): do the questline, kill the monsters, cm, grind and you may hit level 374.

  • E N D G A M E C O N T E N T -

Well, at this moment you are able to join Outer 15 CM Mode with a party in orther to hit you’re 420 and further 450. I also recommend you to start questing from Barynwell 85 until the end. From 350+ quests give you A LOT OF SILVER! so you can start farming your end-game gear. Use this:, find Barynwell 85 follow all the questlines there. You’ll hit level 420 and will be rich.

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