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A post for all TOS forum OPs and commenters

Good day TOS people,

We had a good debate for or against the founders pack, but none of that matters anymore, the revision is going on now in the form of a poll.

IMC has apologized, gave us answers and also wonderful options to choose from. So now head over to vote so that we can expedite the polling process.

I would like to use this chance to urge all thread OPs, whether you had opened the post in favour of the previous founders pack or against, since those threads contain thousands of hateful debate and negative stuffs, please consider deleting your threads so that we can have a clean forum and positive discussion, so that we can all move on. (Since its pointed out that only staffs can delete the post, lets just abandon them and stop all the debate. We need to focus now on spreading the latest news to everyone because there is no need for further drama)

This is because IMC has already shown us all that they care. So, lets all get ready to enjoy the game, get along and UNITE as one community again.

Have a nice day.

Like the facebook page! Support the game! If i have been offensive in my previous post in any way, i apologize.

Link to poll: Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)


actually without all the drama IMC would have continued with the 3 month EA and change the future of western mmorpg EA culture.

and only STAFF can delete threads

but rather let it be a reminding hallmarks that IMC listens to the community. it will get buried in a matter of weeks with all the build review request.

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I actually will delete my hate posts not for me just to give imc a lil more of a fightn chance in dis game market. Still think the community (not everyone) isnt all I thought it was :confused: that cant be changed.

I wouldn’t if I were you. People need to know what happened and what IMC did to fix it.

Just the blatantly flame ones lol

I didnt create this posts for further debates so i will not comment on any views or opinions.

Rather, i want more people to know IMC already made changes and apologized.

What we need to do now is to expedite the polling process so that they can give us a confirmed decision. No need for further discussions, just vote and WE WILL ALL PLAY NEXT WEEK!

how INSENSITIVE some people have work and need to schedule a leave.

some might have to do extra overtime work on low income jobs to want the full 50$ package.

uh, im not sure whats the link here


thats why!

see swordsMAN…IMC should rather name the class as Warrior or Fighter!

there no way a self identified woman would identify themselves as a MAN

Oh my god don’t remind me of that time someone got triggered at swordsman… Whats worse is they forwarded it to imc.

Thank goodness nothing happened.

wait a second, classes are not gender locked right? So if you choose swordy and you choose female gender, you are swordswoman no?

if you open to check character it will still identify a female swordsMAN a MAN!

That’s because woman swordsman have mustaches.

(No, but seriously, someone did complain about that ? x)

How about the argument of how the definition of “MAN” refers to mankind which addresses both genders’ existence?

Besides, warrior holds not only swords but practically any weapon. As we can see from the swordman class, they wield mainly sharp objects besides mace as an exception?

Definition of fighter is even more ambiguous, it seems like MMA fighter, that would suit monk class better like using fists

except the MAN identifies to the character it portray not the existance. A swordwoman would want to be identified as a woman. everytime one click on check info there is a swordsMAN in woman’s description!

I think that can easily be changed with some coding . making Female swordman to view their profile as swordgirls is easy! not an issue.

Back to main topic.


Good stuff. Though I think the forums will easily clean themselves up in no time with imminent launch. There’s plenty to discuss now that we have a clearer vision of what our version will be like.

Now I remember, you were that person that actually got triggered by the swordsman label and wanted it changed to “fighter” back then. AHAHAHAHA!

Silly Karja, there are no girls on the internet.


help!! @sixaxis is triggering me