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A new idea for Monk : dual-wielding one hand maces

Lately I’ve played some old Dragon Quest when I came across a certain monster called “Wrecktor”, using two one hand maces as weapons to attack.


Since Monk is a class that’s bound to use one hand maces and has Double Punch, an attack stance that uses both hands to attack, it dawned upon me that this could actually be a great idea to have Monk save face in the Cleric tree using two onehanded maces instead of one + shield or a two handed mace.

It would also make the class unique inside the tree, as it could be played offensively or defensively without having to invest into a twohanded mace,while keeping the value of the already released Skiaclipse Mace.

The execution of this is easy:

Exchange the Class attribute Two-handed Blunt Mastery: Monk effect

  • Increases block penetration by 85 when equipping a [Two-handed Blunt] weapon

for the following effect

  • Allows to equip a One-handed Mace in the sub-weapon slot.
    Increases main weapon Physical Attack equal to 40% of sub-weapon attack.

and change the name accordingly, for example : Dual Blunt Mastery: Monk