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A New and Better STR vs DEX answer machine

The only reason I have evasion in this sheet is because someone asked me to add it otherwise it’s not important for the sheets.

Also, Archer’s still need a DEX investment of 187 with gears + buffs to reach 100% (not including crit resist)

Swordies need about 300 dex investment, and the same for clerics.

But no. DEX is not useless.

These theories are crap, how did u come up with the formula anyway.

I would take all the brick u kids throw at me

Dex isn’t useless, but evasion does cap at 80%.

The Mechanics Guide is where I assume he bases his formula’s from, and it’s not theories, it’s math.

So does this all mean… do whatever you feel like, just dont add int or spr?

I have the solution to the whole STR vs DEX situation.
Play Wizard or Cleric and leave both at minimum.

Here you go. You are free to disagree and attempt to dispute against me, but you will most likely be wrong anyways.

And as @Queue said, this is just math. The theories come after doing all the math.


This was more for the physical branch of the classes. INT and SPR are more for the magical branches.

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I was kind of joking. There doesnt seem to be a huge difference to me, but its still good for people who want the absolute best damage so i guess it was a bad joke.

Personally i pick classes that dont need much crit from dex so i can go mostly STR. Like my rogue im making or my hoplite.

Ah, no worries. The joke flew over my head.

Thank you!

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If the diference in DPS is so small is hard to tell which is better, you might choose DEX, as it not only gives DPS but also survival tru evasion, and if you put knock backs / knock downs in the equation, DEX will be even better, as you will not lose those seconds to get up and reposition yourself.

If you look a little into the future, when c8 comes, there is no way str can match dex with 16k dmg skills.

I have put in some stuff for Swordies, Archers, and Cleric that I’ve done and placed at other threads. I’ve put it here so that anyone looking for information don’t have to search through the forums for it.

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You’re kidding right? Glass Mole cards says otherwise. What’s the point of Dex when you can cap crit rate with gems and gears? What’s the point of Dex when evasion is capped at 80%?

@Tenku & @Shazgath

Well it depends. If you dont have monstrance or quicken, then yes full dex is better, but not for archers because they can reach crit cap with just swift step.

It’s about 200 invested stats into dex for archers or so.

Still there’s never a reason to shoot for max crit chance alone because there WILL be instances where monstrance, quicken, and/or crit resist reducing scenarios will happen. (Not to mention, i’ve never taken any cards into account)

As such, a mix of STR and DEX is always better.

I think these full dex junk mergen builds we’ve seen in the videos show that there needs to be balance. xD

This will become even more relevant after this maintenance is completed.

Oh, yeah… if anyone knows how the new level difference stuff works please tell me.

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I’m talking about the monster level compared to character level difference change.

Raw stats like hats and gems are still plugged in the spreadsheet like before.

I’m also going to need to know what the stat changes are when they do come around to release.

Finding the formula for the stats was the hardest part. :cry:

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