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A little help for 2020 new classes

first i send this to ticket already
also if you read this, you might dont like this but i wouldnt mind either
im not looking for likes, comment, or anything
i just read in 2020 roadmap imc will only add new class for archer and scout tree
so here is my proposition of what class should be added to those two

scout - dancer
image + image
its dagger focused class, but some gun or all skills should be fine i guess
i hope its red class so it have more dps skills than buff/debuff
skill composition maybe like
1.annihilation multi hit alike
2.range attack like kunai/knife throw with good OH
3.self buff or attack that provide boost
4.attacks that causes knockback or stun
5.perhaps another iframe/mspd/movement attack skills
gotta be way cooler id you add synergy with pied piper

archer - engineer

almost all archer classes act like symbiotes
matross-cannoner, th-musketeer, qs-arbalest, hunter-falco, ranger-mergen
and i think sapper really deseve its symbiote too that will amp up sapper
another class that rely on installation but this time around its mecha installation
given the theme of tos, mecha design doesnt have to be that futuristic
the biggest part is, like engineer in many mmo, you should let engineer mount a mecha
for weapon i suggest all type, but during mounting mecha, your attacks changed into canon attack therefore unable you to use the rest of weapon type skills.
so the choice should be sapper-engineer-falconer/hunter
and perhaps some canoneer/matross skills cause your basic attack during mount changes into canonner alike
so the skill combination should be like mecha. when unmounted this mecha act like summons,doing canon aa
2.mount mecha. mount to boost damage of installation skills
3.more cool traps planting skills like broom trap/spike shooter
4.laser gun attack.obviously we need this.a 1 hit burst-damage with long cd skill that considered as cannon attack.this will destroy all installation on its route and boost damage based on how many installation destroyed.

so thats it
i hope my brain fart ideas got considered

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your suggestions give so much ragnarok vibe xD but knowing the IMC usually the classes have some historical and realistic background so I think the dancer is unlikely but it’s not a bad idea.

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