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A good tank build

I’m looking to do a tank build to play with my friends, so far i enjoyed following a build of blossom, murmillo, peltasta. But i was thinking of swapping blossom for Rodelero. I will appreciate some advice, or a build with Murmillo > Rode > Peltasta, preferably from guru, the other skill simulator page have been dying on chrome lately.

Tanks in this game have are kinda different than on other games. You don’t need to make a tank build to be a tanker as long as the tanker is a Swordman Class in PVE.

Swordman has a atribute and a skill which generates agro.

If you want to focus on a Boss tanker build, Matador-Fencer is your best bet though a Full DPS Blossom Blader-Barb-Doppel can also tank if the other swordmen in the party turn of their agro passive. Fencer-Matador is better to avoid the boss damage too. If you want a PVP Tanker, Peltasta is better. For mob PVE, there is seldom the need for a Tanker so I’d highly recommend to avoid making a tank focused on mob PVE. About the build, I’d recommend you look someone else though. I know the general idea but not the skill distribution.

for wat kind of tank build?
for PVE or PVP?

like Alyu_support said.
im play mur pel rod before. Imo in pve tank not important.
if u want to try u can change class later.

belive me play dps

Just include peltasta if you want to tank. Though it’s not really necessary for PvE.