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A couple questions about basic mechanics from a kinda newbie

So I’m someone who played the first open beta and followed development closely by then, so I’m familiar with the old mechanics.
I wanted to play for a little and I saw that the class system has been… revamped? I’m still on the most basic class so I haven’t advanced yet but I’d like to be ready. It used to be that for each tier you could either promote to one of two new classes or improve one of your current ones. Which seemed to be growing out of hand as the game got more updates (at this time I wasn’t playing close attention anymore)

What I see now from the in-game menus and the site is that at three different points in your character progression (was that “job level” thing there before?) you get to choose three different promotions in any order and that’s it. Did I get it right? Are there any additional mechanics that I should be aware of?

My other question is… HAIR! Leaving aside how limited it is, just what options do I have and how do I access them? I know of black and the more garish ones that were in the beta that required grinding or progression, but I want something more normal. I made a character with a hairstyle that is red, I want to make it blonde, any shade of blonde (although it would be better if it were a naturalone from other default styles instead of bright lemon yellow). How could I do that? Or can’t I do it at all? All googling got me was complaints like mine, tips about the garish unlockables and “upcoming dyes”.

hi o/ , for hair, there are 2 types of hair in TOS:
hairstyle and wig
Hairstyle: it’s permanent and will replace your original hair at the start to become default hair. Its color can only be changed by buying new color in beauty shop ( colors aren’t considered items so if you buy a new color, you cant go back to old color until you buy it again) Hairstyle cannot be changed until you buy a new hairstyle or put on a wig ( when you take off the wig, your hair will go back to the hairstyle) .

Wig: You put on and off the wig anytime. Wigs are considered items so buying new wig won’t erase your old wig. The color of wig is Dye. You can collect them by buying in shop, doing quests, achievement. You can change color of wig with dye anytime, as many as you like when you alr own it.

Hope this helps!

just additional info, since you’ve just returned, you’d better buy potions from market rather than npc shops, they are much better and cheaper.
For classes, there is a class (shinobi, nak muay, rune caster, appraiser) in each tree that requires you to do class unlock quest ( tedious) or just use voucher ( in market, maybe) .

I didn’t know about these wigs.
Are wig hairstyles completely different form the default ones or are they the same in a more convenient format? (I assume if I use a wig I might be unable to use some costume headgears)
I better hurry to Klaipeda and see what I have availiable.

As for the unlockable classes, I guess that if I grind and choose three promotions before unlocking them, the only way to attain it would be to use a class reset scroll, right?
And thanks for the potion tip.

EDIT: oh, the beauty shop is a cash shop. I guess it makes sense that it wans’t availiable at creation then.

wigs styles are different from hairstyles, you can see there are 2 different tabs in beauty shop.
Headgears are visible when you use wig
You can change classes if you have enough class reset points, open the window where you promote , you can see a points bar, if you have 1000 points, you can exchange a class which you alr chose to a different one. You can just fill it up manually , details will show when you hover the bubble question mark near that bar. However, there are often events which give you class reset scroll ( they fill up the points for you to use).

the only unlockable dye i ever got since beta was pink i think.
all other dyes/hair are all in the Beauty Salon.

There were also black, blue and white, all unlocked by grinding certain monsters.
I’m glad new colors went to that beauty salon thing, but it makes me wonder why they didn’t add them to character creation as well.

EDIT: well, now I went to the “first time shopper” thing and bought a bunch of things including the “free hair dye ticket” but it turns out that the free hair ticket is not valid for dyes. I feel cheated out of my money :confused: