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A Brief Pyromancer Guide: Playing With Fire!


[Playing With Fire!]

Team Name: Artemissed
Server: Telsiai

Flavor Text

pyromancer_f pyromancer_m
Well versed in the art of summoning flames to burn down countless waves of their adversaries, Pyromancers are well suited to deal with large amounts of enemies in an area. Be it locking monsters in place with a great pillar of fire, summoning exploding fireballs, blasting foes with a flurry of flames, or simply scorching the land their enemies dare stand on, Pyromancers would be hard-pressed to find a shortage of fiery spells to use on their poor victims. If burning your enemies to a crisp is your game, then Pyromancer might just be your name.


A few details to learn before jumping in!


The main Stats that Wizards, and by extension, Pyromancers, are interested in are the following:

  • CON - Increases Max Hp, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense.
  • INT - Increases Magic Attack.
  • SPR - Increases Amount Healed, Magic Critical Attack, and Summon Damage.

Stat Sources
  • Collections
  • Quests
  • Weapons/Armors
  • Zemyna Statues
  • Character Level (As of re:build, stat point allocation is now automated)


Pyromancer Stat Growth:

  • CON - 25%
  • INT - 45%
  • SPR - 30%

Elemental Immunity

As it turns out, Fire can’t burn everything down. Worry not though, as there are only two known Fire Immune monsters.




Found in Demon Prison District 2.




Found in Monument of Desire (lvl 180 Dungeon).


As of re:build, Wizards are now able to dash!


Everything you need to know about Pyromancer skills in one convenient place!

Enchant Fire



Grants Fire Property Damage and Additional Damage to your character. The Additional Damage applies on your basic attacks and provides an extra line of damage to it.

Damage Line


The Fire Property Damage applies to skills, however, as of now, only the Additional Damage buff is applied per damage instance of a skill as shown:

Additional Damage



Enchant Fire comes with an attribute to decrease Fire Property Resistance by up to 50% upon casting. Unfortunately, because of the long cooldown of the skill, it is not a very reliable debuff, although still helpful.

Placing levels into it would only increase the scaling of the Additional Damage. The Fire Property Damage scaling stays at 10% of your character’s minimum magic attack at all levels.


Enchant Fire does not change skills into Fire Property attacks.





A value point is recommended to provide at least an extra line of damage on your basic attacks, as well as serving as a debuff on enemy targets.




Summons a fireball that explodes upon contact.The Fireball only hits each target once, however it lingers and if hit with either Psychic Pressure (Psychokino), or Storm Dust (Elementalist), the explosion damage is reapplied on each hit of the said skills. On its own, however, it provides decent AoE nuke filler with its 5 Overheats, and a low cooldown of 15 seconds.

Fireball Demo



With Psychic Pressure, the Fireball damage is applied in slower ticks, every 0.5s, similar to Flame Ground’s speed, but comes with a 50% stun chance, providing a form of CC. Psychic Pressure’s small range is not very reliable on its own however, and it is recommended to take Fire Fox Shikigami’s Fire Property Attribute (Onmyoji) in order to enlarge its range.

Storm Dust applies the Fireball damage at a much higher rate, every 0.3s, similar to Hell Breath’s tick speed. Although not providing a stun, it does provide an AoE slow while also dealing more damage compared to Psychic Pressure.

While not as effective as the above skills, Micro Dimension (Sage) is able to duplicate Fireballs. Stacking Fireballs and then duplicating them with Sage’s Micro Dimension can provide burst damage if needed.


The fireball damage from multiple fireball procs from Storm Dust or Psychic Pressure does not stack, it does improve its range however.

Range Demo


Fireball comes with a burn chance attribute, providing an extra source of damage to Pyromancers. The burn damage scales on INT.

Burn Proc


An attribute to increase the linger duration of the Fireball is also available.



It is highly recommended to level this skill up for higher skill factors as the proc damage when hit with Storm Dust or Psychic Pressure scales with Fireball’s damage.

Fire Wall



Creates an 8-tile row of flames, with each tile having its own separate number of hits (up to 5).

Fire Wall Demo



While not being up to par with clearing hordes of monsters due to its hit count limit, Fire Wall has a niche use of knocking back targets on its tiles which can be useful for positioning monsters or providing protection when overwhelmed with them.

Its damage output is much more noticeable on bosses because of each tile having its own hit count. Landing all the tiles on a boss can provide for decent damage, specifically for larger and static bosses.

Boss Demo



Fire Wall comes with an attribute that buffs Fire Property when stepping onto its tiles. This buff is scaled based on your character’s INT.



Due to the number of hits of each tile not scaling with levels, it is recommended to take a value point in the skill for its knockback and attribute. It can still be upgraded however, in order to help with bursting down boss monsters.

Fire Pillar



Summons a pillar of flames. Monsters in its AoE are damaged, as well as prevented from moving and attacking.

Fire Pillar Demo



Monsters under the effect of Raise (Psychokino) receive faster damage ticks from Fire Pillar.

Raise Demo


Because of Raise’s AoE being larger than Fire Pillar’s, monsters can be under the effect of Raise while not being in range of Fire Pillar. Fire Pillar’s AoE can be enlarged with Ultimate Dimension (Sage) in order to make better use of its interaction with Raise.


Fire Pillar’s CC does not apply to boss monsters or players.

Fire Pillar Boss Demo




With no hit count limits, and target caps, as well as acting as a 10 second CC, it is a great skill to use for safely clearing large amounts of monsters. Upgrading this skill is recommended for higher damage.

Flame Ground



Creates a magic circle of fire. Monsters within the circle are damaged.

Flame Ground Demo



Flying monsters are not hit by the circle; however, pairing Flame Ground with either Heavy Gravity (Psychokino), or Upper Level (Taoist) allows the skill to hit flying targets as well.

Heavy Gravity Demo


Ultimate Dimension (Sage) can also be used on Flame Ground to enlarge its AoE in order to match Heavy Gravity’s larger AoE.

Heavy Gravity (Psychokino) is a recommended pairing for the skill because of its similar cooldown of 30 seconds, although Taoist also provides a buff to Fire Property damage with its Tri-disaster Charm if the skill is paired with Upper Level.


Comes with the attribute, Flame Ground: Diffusion. This lowers Fire Property Resistance within Flame Ground’s circle. This debuff is applied on flying monsters as well.



A value point is recommended for its attribute to decrease Fire Property Resistance, as well as providing an extra damage source for mob clearing.

Hell Breath



Summons a continuous cone of flames in front of the character.

Hell Breath Demo



Hell Breath has the fastest rate of ticks among the Pyromancer‘s spells, dealing damage every 0.3 seconds. It is a channeled spell, locking your character in place, although you are still able to change the direction your character is facing in order to aim the skill. Immunity to melee attacks is also granted while channeling Hell Breath.

Hell Breath has a chance of increasing Fire Property damage while it is channeled, further empowering its own damage as well as your other fire spells.


Consumes 1 Pyrite per cast. Pyrites are available for purchase from all leading Pyromancer Class Masters and Wizard Class Masters nationwide.

Hell Breath comes with a knockback attribute, providing some utility for positioning monsters, as well as another layer of protection from monsters, besides the melee attack immunity.



Providing a high tick rate DPS skill with good skill factors and range, as well as providing melee attack protection, while also boosting the Pyromancer’s Fire Property Damage, Hell Breath is a highly recommended skill to upgrade and is almost a mandatory pick alongside Fire Pillar.




Summons roaming flames, damaging enemies.

Prominence Demo



Prominence has the highest skill factor among the Pyromancer’s spells with its only drawbacks being its inability to hit flying monsters, as well as its inherent random movement.

Much like with Flame Ground, its first drawback can be solved using Heavy Gravity (Psychokino) or Upper Level (Taoist).

Heavy Gravity Demo



The flames move randomly, though its AoE is large enough to reliably hit a packed group of monsters in an area. While also effective at clearing waves of monsters, its damage output is much higher against bosses.

Magnetic Force Demo




Possessing Pyromancer’s highest skill factor but also a lesser number of hits, Prominence is more of an AoE burst skill compared to the Pyromancer’s other spells. If used, it is recommended to upgrade the skill to its max level for higher skill factors.


Now that you’re acquainted with the Pyromancer’s kit as well as some combinations, it’s time to gear up! Here are a few options:


There are two available weapon choices for Wizards; Rods, or Staves, both of which come with their own perks along with their usage.




Equipping a Rod gives you access to the Wizard’s rod mastery attribute which provides a 50% reduction in casting time. This would allow you to comfortably take either Elementalist or Onmyoji as a complementary class.



Elementalist gives you access to Fire Property: Amplify, providing a chance for a 30% boost to Fire-property attacks, as well as access to Hail and Petrify, two very reliable CC’s that affects both normal monsters and bosses, with Petrify being able to disable for up to 23 seconds.

Meteor is another helpful Elementalist skill that becomes a multi-hit (fake) skill when cast on Flame Ground. Fire Claw is another Fire-property skill that helps with bosses and pairs well with Magnetic Force (Psychokino)

Yet another beneficial Elementalist skill is Elemental Essence, which boosts the bonus damage gained when attacking a monster’s elemental weakness by up to 100%.



Onmyoji also benefits from this cast-time reduction, allowing you to easily summon the Fire Fox familiar, with its plethora of helpful effects such as a critical rate on fire magic damage of up to 95%, Psychic Pressure range buff and fire-property change, as well as Gravity Pole fire-property change. As a small added bonus, Pyromancer’s Enchant Fire now affects summons, which includes the familiar.

Besides the fox familiar buffs, Onmyoji also gives you access to Greenwood Shikigami; a great skill for gathering monsters up into Fire Pillar, as well as other goodies such as Howling White Tiger and Water Shikigami which are great skills on their own despite lacking any direct synergy with Pyromancer skills.


Using a Rod in order to use Elementalist /Onmyouji skills is not mandatory but recommended for smoother gameplay; Elementalist/Onmyouji skills are still perfectly usable without the casting time reduction.

Using the weapon swap feature to switch to a rod before casting spells such as Fire Fox Shikigami, Hail, Petrify, and Greenwood Shikigami, is also a viable option.




On the other hand, equipping a Staff gives you access to Pyromancer’s Staff Mastery Attribute, boosting Fire Property damage by up to 15% as well as having a higher magic attack stat, and more socket slots, due to equipping a 2H-weapon.

Having a staff equipped also grants you access to a melee C attack, which is able to push fireballs into position, although most of the time, it is far more recommended to just target the fireball at your desired location.

Staff Melee



Taking Chronomancer in order to mitigate the lack of the casting time reduction attribute from Rod is an option, though it offers little synergy with Pyromancer to warrant taking a class slot for it. Pass is nonetheless a helpful skill for any Wizard class, Pyromancers included.


A brief description of each armor type. Mastery Effects apply when wearing 4 of the same armor type. The effect is based on the rarity grade of the equipment. The lowest grade equipped is considered for the Mastery Effects when equipped with varying grades of armor.



[Plate Armor]

Provides high Physical defense and medium Magical Defense.

  • Normal - Physical Damage -5%
  • Magic - Physical Damage -7.5%
  • Rare - Physical Damage -10%
  • Unique - Physical Damage -12.5%
  • Legend - Physical Damage -15%



[Cloth Armor]

Provides high Magical Defense and medium Physical Defense.

  • Normal - Magical Damage -5%
  • Magic - Magical Damage -7.5%
  • Rare - Magical Damage -10%
  • Unique - Magical Damage -12.5%
  • Legend - Magical Damage -15%



[Leather Armor]

Provides low Physical and Magical Defense.


10% increased Maximum Critical Rate, additionally:

  • Normal - Critical Rate + 4%
  • Magic - Critical Rate + 8%
  • Rare - Critical Rate + 12%
  • Unique - Critical Rate + 16%
  • Legend - Critical Rate + 20%


Must-have items on a Pyromancer!





Agny Necklace

Adds 50% of your magic attack on the following skills:

  • Fireball
  • Fire Wall
  • Fire Pillar
  • Hell Breath
  • Flame Ground
  • Meteor
  • Incineration
  • Prominence
  • Combustion
  • Immolation


A short list of cards with beneficial effects.




Increases Magic Attack by up to 10% for each card for 6 seconds after using a Health Potion.



Increases AoE attack ratio by up to 2 for each card. Helpful for supplementing spells with target limits.



[Gazing Golem]

Grants a 10% chance per card to provide knockdown and knockback resistance on each hit. Helpful for supplementing channeled spells.


[Fire Lord]

Increases Fire Property Damage by up to 100 per card. As of now, Property Damage does not seem to add any benefits (see Enchant Fire). Might be useful in future updates!



Increases HP potion effects by up to 10% for each card.



Increases Sp potion effects by up to 10% for each card.




Adds up to 10 INT per card.


[Link Roller]

Adds up to 10 SPR per card.



Adds up to 10 CON per card.




Grants a 10% chance to generate a 1000 HP shield for 10 seconds per card. Useful when your charater’s defenses are high.



Increases Magic Defense by up to 10% per card.



Increases Physical Defense by up to 10% per card.


A list of gems and their effects. Gem effects depends on their color as well as what piece of armor/weapon they are socket-ed into. Gem Roasting (Alchemist) removes the negative effects on gems!



[Red Gem]

Weapon and Sub-Weapon
  • Physical Attack +
  • Critical Rate -
Top and Bottom
  • Block +
  • Accuracy -
Gloves and Boots
  • Accuracy +
  • Physical Critical Attack -



[Blue Gem]

Weapon and Sub-Weapon
  • Magic Attack +
  • Critical Rate -
Top and Bottom
  • Magic Defense +
  • Physical Defense -
Gloves and Boots
  • Critical Resistance +
  • Maximum Attack -



[Green Gem]

Weapon and Sub-Weapon
  • Magic Critical Attack +
  • Block Penetration -
Top and Bottom
  • Evasion +
  • Maximum Attack -
Gloves and Boots
  • Critical Rate +
  • Block -



[Yellow Gem]

Weapon and Sub-Weapon
  • Physical Critical Attack +
  • Maximum Attack -
Top and Bottom
  • Physical Defense +
  • Magic Defense -
Gloves and Boots
  • Block Penetration +
  • Critical Rate -



[White Gem]

Weapon and Sub-Weapon
  • Looting Chance +
  • STR -
Top and Bottom
  • Looting Chance +
  • INT -
Gloves and Boots
  • Looting Chance +
  • CON -


A compilation of helpful skills and attributes found in other classes.


For those pesky winged, or levitating monsters.




[Heavy Gravity]

Changes Flying-Type Units into Ground-Types, allowing Flame Ground and Prominence to hit Flying monsters.




[Upper Level]

Allows magic circles to affect Flying-Type Units.

Damage Amplifiers

You can never have too much damage.





Boosts magic circle damage.




[Tri-disaster Charm]

Reduces Fire Property Resistance, including Lightning and Ice, at a target area.




[Fire Property: Amplify]

Grants a 30% chance per skill use to increase Fire Property Attack Damage.


[Stone Curse]

Petrified units receive increased damage from Fire and Psychokinetic Property attacks (does not work at the moment).


[Elemental Essence]

Grants a boost in damage when attacking a unit’s elemental weakness.




[Fire Fox Shikigami]

Grants up to 95% additional critical rate to Fire Property attacks (does not work at the moment).


Rune Caster


[Rune of Destruction]

Reduces Magic Defense on targets hit.





Reduces yours and your party members’ cooldowns upon cast. Not necessarily a direct damage amplifier, though casting Pyromancer skills in quick succession is a recipe for disaster for your enemies!

Crowd Control

Out of the frying pan and into the fire!




[Energy Bolt]

Provides knockback utility.



Provides even more knockback utility on a larger AoE. Knocks targets away from the center of the Earthquake, not your character.




[Magnetic Force]

Gathers up to 10 monsters into a target area and stuns them. Monsters are also disabled briefly before the pull.


[Gravity Pole]

Channeled skill. Locks up to 15 targets in a line in front of your character in place. Also damages them!


[Psychic Pressure]

Has a 50% stun rate on each tick in a small circular area in front of your character. Similarly to Hell Breath, you are able to change the direction your character is facing while channeling this spell. Have I mentioned this procs Fireball explosions too?



Raised monsters aren’t just lifted up in the air, they’re disabled too! Take note that it does turn targets into Flying-types which may hinder certain skills.


[Heavy Gravity: Slow Movement]

As if Heavy Gravity wasn’t useful enough, it slows down targets under its effects too!




[Greenwood Shikigami]

Gathers up to 10 monsters into a target area and poisons them.


[White Tiger Howling]

Briefly stuns targets.



Knocked down targets hit by Toyou have a chance to be locked in place.





Freezes monsters in place. Works on bosses too!


[Stone Curse]

Petrifies up to 8 targets. Longer disable than Hail though with a smaller amount of targets. Best used on boss monsters. Take note that petrified targets take reduced damage from other properties besides Fire and Psychokinesis.


[Storm Dust: Slow]

Applies a slow on targets under the effects of Storm Dust. Shares the same icon as Heavy Gravity’s slow attribute for some reason.


Rune Caster


[Rune of Ice]

Debuffed targets hit with Rune of Ice are frozen. Works on bosses, though not very reliably with its short duration of 3 seconds.





Does exactly what the name implies. Its AoE is quite small, though it works on bosses and lasts up to 10 seconds!



Also does what you think it would! AoE range is similar to Flame Ground. Stopped units cannot move or attack, but are also invulnerable to damage. Works on bosses through an attribute.




[Dimension Compression]

Pulls monsters (up to 15) to the target monster.


[Hole of Darkness]

Up to 10 monsters disappear for 3 seconds upon cast! Targets are removed for 3 seconds and cannot be damaged, though the missing targets do receive additional damage from the skill itself when they return.



Literally any Cryomancer skill except Ice Blast.


Skill combinations.



[Psychic Pressure]

Procs Fireball explosions (every 0.5s).



Monsters under the effect of Raise receive a faster rate of damage ticks from Fire Pillar.




[Storm Dust]

Procs Fireball explosions. Faster tick rate than Psychic Pressure (every 0.3s), meaning more booms!


[Meteor: Flame Ground]

Enemies under the effects of flame ground are multi-hit (5 hits) by Meteor. The damage is reduced however, it won’t multiply Meteor’s already high skill factor by five. The damage is still higher though compared to casting Meteor without the attribute.




[Micro Dimension: Duplicate]

Allows Micro Dimension to duplicate friendly installments. The duplication attribute works on Fireballs!


[Ultimate Dimension: Enlarged Magic Circle]

Enlarges the range of friendly magic circles when Ultimate Dimension is casted on one. Works on Fire Pillar and Flame Ground!


I just recently saw this guide, and with the new sfr changes in itos, anyone have already tried any pyromancer class combinations for doing Unique and Legend Raids?

Few things to add:

  1. Enchant Fire: also works on summons, so when you party with a summoner, don’t forget to use the skill
  2. Fireball is now a single target skill (has small AoE) that has decent/high sfr, so putting 15 point is a thing to get the most value of it, but it’s now 15 points that could be spent elsewhere for more efficiency
  3. Flame Ground has been vastly buffed, plus has synergy with the new Moringponia staff – I’d switch all possible points from Fireball to Flame Ground for this
  4. Prominence goes from trash to godlike with the new “Flame Jewel” art – max it and get the art asap!
  5. For god’s sake USE A STAFF… with the new equipement available, defense shouldn’t be a problem anymore – Savinose, Varna, 8-star blue/yellow gems, Zaura/Nuaele cards – and if you can scum for a Moringponia staff to ichor it’s a great bonus for the class
  6. Agny Necklace is obsolete – adding 50% sfr to skills that have 1000% already is a waste of an accessory slot, especially when you can get a set of Drakonas Lynnki to boost your stats and reduce casting by 10%
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