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A bit lost on returning


Hi evryone,
i’m from italy and i didn’t play ToS for year, so now i returned and i see so many change and i’m a bit lost in the change, i have 2 PC after lv 300, one is originaly a MikoTao, and secondo a CrioSorcer, are these 2 build worth to rebuild? i wish to play again these 2 build, if some one can help me to understand the new world i will thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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I hope you didn’t like that MikoTao build…


Well… i see the rebuild… ok i lost Tao class for cleric xD it’s a lost but ok, someone can teach me a new patch? with cleric a like support and heal


I am just gonna suggest the easiest build for your full support cleric.

Priest, oracle, PD has a bit of damage and well rounded overall, and has haste which is the high light

Priest oracle diev has little to no damage, but overall it provides much more dps for the team and possiblely the best support build in challenge mode.


On the plus side, if you like Tao you can put the class in your second character and make a Cryo/Sorc/Tao if you want.


I refound some old guild mate and help me, but they suggest me SorcBokorNecro… but this build isn’t suit for me =/ for cleric i have go for ClericPriestOracleDiv and i like, for the sorc some one can tell me if CrioSorc have a third class with good sinergy?