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5/19/2020 Onward Mercenary Badge Item Reset Count

It did not happened. KEKW

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the same goes for me

same for me as well, I am looking for my gems. Not the end of the world but … I mean what happened?

same here no reset on mercenary shop

+1 here.

I still didn’t find anyone who had their reset today yet.

It dint happen on 20/5/2020 too. KEKW


:neutral_face: :frowning: +1

Second day of no reset. Well, this is going going to be like Telsai Guild Board, permanently broken.

used to be bugged for me until now, after i changed character and channel a few times.
luck or is it fixed?

Apparently 5/20/2020 got reset manually. Still, we all missed 5/19/2020 ones.