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+40 Velcoffer 2h Mace. There's No End to This RNG

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No comments. This thing is beautiful lol.

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Not much surprise when diamond anvil is back.

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funnelmaster is real
thanks to velco tradibility this happens
gotta pay lot more and risk of being snatched for varna or even savi

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You need luck, indeed, but you need mostly many account…i can’t agree this sort of thing lol

makes you wonder…was payed more or less than that one dude trying to get a boruta card out of leticia cubes xD

I gotta be honest. I’m quite jealous of the +40 weapon, but it’s expensive at the same time. Hitting +39 + 40 cost a ton of slivers lol. You’re looking at something like 9m-9.5m for an attempt. That’s a crazy amount of slivers.