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4 IMC: Reddit Spam Filter - allowed or not?

This guys knows better how to fix problems than the whole IMC stuff.


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while the whole server is screwed with CommanderLoadFail, I’ll quietly BUMP this


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[quote=“sttr413, post:1, topic:170842”]
Can you please take a look at this and confirm if it’s allowed?
[/quote]@STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Shawn @STAFF_John @STAFF_Ines
It is obvious that application goes against ToS/Eula by its nature, but is there a hope that you might allow not prohibit this necessary evil?

There is also a feature in-game that you can use to turn off the shout chat if you wish to do so while we find a better solution for the spam problem. You can check how to do so here on topic number 11. :slight_smile:

It just hides chat, but client still lags from spam because it still processes all those messages and puts them in queue for hidden (hidden does not equal disabled) moving string on top.

So no, it isnt a solution.

Ah and you dodged answering a question.


They could actually detect people using this by simply sending a spam message themselves and trying to detect if your client receives it by having it send something back when it does XD. It would be a total knee jerk reaction, but yeah, they could do it if they wanted to.

The reason I don’t think the program is ilegal is because it works as a firewall at the network level, which you can kinda accomplish by using windows firewall by itself, which is installed on all windows computers by default (the difference being in windows firewall you will disable all shouts, spam or not, while the third party program is able to selectively disable packets).

The ONLY reason why IMC hasn’t made a fix already is because spammers have paid accounts. It really can’t be that hard to make a server side filter adding common words. Would this fix things forever like a magical unicorn? Of course not, but seeing how bad the situation is right now, it would at least make things a lot better for the time being. Just make a Jr dev spend all day in game looking for new regexes to blacklist and be done with this nonsense.

As stated by nizidr, your solution doesn’t work and doesn’t help :confused:

Tree of savior is becoming Ad block simulator 2k16…
I’m spending as much time right clicking people to block them as I’m playing… and my blocklist has over 100 people and is still growing…

At the moment the player as either the choice to lag and stutter as hell or spend his time blocking gold sellers.

I do hope you realize this is not a minor issue.

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[quote=“Faile, post:31, topic:170842”]At the moment the player as either the choice to lag and stutter as hell or spend his time blocking gold sellers.

Solution from 1st post works. You only need a short blacklist to block 99% (it isnt perfect and there is a chance that sellers will change the part you added in filter) of spam.

@STAFF_Ethan anyway i think that player-maintained personal chat filter similar to that application should be a thing in game client.

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why would that ever stop them ?
the spammers are operating against the terms of service, and so IMC has the right to ban them.
the early access pack is a DLC, and as such is not eligible for a refund. (furthermore, asking for a refund because you were banned because you were breaking the rules isn’t going to go very far.)

the actual problem is that the gold-sellers make so much profit that whether the accounts are banned or not is irrelevant.
they use fake CC#'s to buy new DLC on new steam accounts, and just start again with a new disposable account.
hell idk. depending on how many greedy suckers are actually buying in, maybe they make so much money they don’t even have to use fake CC#.

either way, it doesn’t matter how many bots get banned, there will just be more behind them.

So IMC has 2 options:

1; join 'em and beat 'em at their own game. they could simply take up selling silver themselves, at a cheaper rate than the RMTs could ever manage. since IMC controls the servers, they don’t have to operate armies of bots to farm silver, and they don’t risk having their silver “burnt” if they get caught. with the simple click of a button, they can create as much silver as they want.
…however, at this point the game would become literally 100% pay-to-win. inflation will hit so hard that buying anything off of the marketplace that’s fancier than basic mats would require buying silver yourself from IMC. you might as well adjust the Marketplace to take credit cards, and list the prices in $USD or something.

or 2; accept that it will be a long, slow, constant battle to deal with the RMTs. even if the spammers are dealt with, the bots will still have incentive to keep coming back and farming, until everyone refuses to buy anything from them anymore.

I’m more worried about trusting the developer of the program.

Since we don’t have the source code (I think we don’t) he could probably do whatever he wants with your ToS/Network messages, like sending them to another source and getting informations like server message authentifications.

But well whatever… (i will probably end up getting too fed up by the goldsellers and use it anyway lol)

I monitored that apps functioning for a few hours on a virtual machine and it’s not doing anything funny at all.

Will try using it when I get home from work.

And I ■■■■■■■ dare IMC to so much as touch my account… Watch the 3 southern Brazil states pretty much disappear from your playerbase when we block access to your servers on our main routers. Working on an ISP with hundreds of thousands of users has its perks.

Guys he don´t say don´t use it or you get banned.
Maybe they will oversee this as long they haven´t a solution.

That concern is fair but it doesnt seem to use network to send anything anywhere. At least my firewall in interactive mode has been silent about it.

[quote=“ddrulez, post:36, topic:170842, full:true”]
Guys he don´t say don´t use it or you get banned. Maybe they will oversee this as long they haven´t a solution.
[/quote]There are rules where it is clearly stated that this kind of program is prohibited. So it is “not allowed” unless said otherwise, not the other way around.
^ Is the reason why i’m trying to get devs’ stance on this matter.

Rules are rules. That´s not the point here. They can follow the rules or they can oversee it and take no action.
And since he didn´t wrote DON´T USE IT! i see this as a sign that they will not ban this for now.
And you should ask yourself why this topic is not locked already and the link is not deleted.

Honestly if the one’s developing it is smart and vicious, he could always find ways to make the program changes its behaviour (on timer, or external stimulus or other things)
I don’t think that’s the case, but only him know if the cat is alive or dead :slight_smile:

Someone could also try to reverse engineer it… (would try but don’t have much time atm)

Come on now, you can’t possible not know that all this “solution” does is hide the chat from your sight - your client still receives everything and freezes as a result.

And if/when they ban you for this (or similar) tool what would be your excuse? "But you didnt say anything about it in this or that thread!’?

Atleast now we know that they are AWARE of this, since @STAFF_Ethan commented on this thread.