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315 Weapons and Hethran Badges

Since i didn’t see any pronouncement about them, i’d like to give my feedback about farming and obtaining the materials required to craft a 315 Weapons. I’d like to discuss about Hethran Badges in the end of the post too.

Why the items required to craft them make no sense at all? both the purple weapons and the orange ones.

  • Ferinium, Phydecium and Portium are obtained by killing Crystal Mines Mission’s mobs. This causes the players to stop in the middle of the dungeon, for 10 unnecessary minutes, to farm these little mobs, and then teleport away since the final rewards of Mercenary’s Missions are embarrassing. Why not making the last boss able to drop them?

  • The fact that makes me upset is the new Elite monster event that gives players 2 cubes containing the 3 ores above and Artilonium every day. Instead of Fixing the way to obtain these ores, probably because of the new patch that will arrive soon and they want people to have a decent weapon to face higher levels, they are giving them away.

  • Let’s talk about Orange mats: Why they don’t make sense too? Why some of them require 58 materials with a 0,27% chance and others 53 with 7% chance (Emengard Cannon vs Regard Horn Staff). Who said it was fine like this?
    Why don’t all of them have, as an example, 15 mats with 0,27% chance and 50 with 7%

  • Hethran Badges: No one shout in the chat window “let’s do some Hethran badges quests” because they require many mats, both from level 1 and level 2 badges, and the items crafted are not that good compared to the new introduced “practonium accessories”(i know they can be crafted without practonium).
    One of the reason why they are forgotten is, in my opinion, the fact 4 level 1 Hetran badges are required to craft a level 2 badge (clearly a contradiction with what was announced HERE)

An hopeless player who just crafted an Astra Bow and has 27 Badges

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Pretty much everything you said are right on mark.

I would like to tell on hethran stuff as someone who craft lv1 necklace ans was trying to craft lv2 one but gave up.

lv1 stuff are still craftable . but lv2 are downright dependent on crazy luck and if you have party member to buy the mats from.
there are only 2 quests in lv2 badges which drops the “Plafeanpoe Lv1” out of 6 quests.
and you need fcking 55 of those to craft 1 lv2 necklace.

i did 20++ lv2 quests but only got 3 of those (and i bought 1 from my friend who joined for a quest and luckily got the quest which has that).

So as for solo player, its time taken is way higher than entire solmiki set if your luck is way ■■■■ like mine.
Absolutely no worth doing those (except for getting free saalus quest warp lol).

Also, the stuff that it takes 2x lv1 badges to craft 1x lv2 is outright lie.

true words.

it’s even worse for Skull Smasher, the only viable 2 practonium weapon for the usual Cleric, which requires not 30, not 50 but a whole whooping seventytwo[72] 0,27% drop items to craft [41 Green Charog Horns and 31 Kugheri Lyoni Horns].

This is outright unfair, given that mostly support builds benefit from this weapon due to its high SPR bonus, which might in turn have a lower killrate and thus take wayyyy longer to get the weapon assembled, and judging from the point that the onehanded sword is basically useless for Clerics.

if you are not mainly a DPS char you don’t need to make a skull smasher, windia rod is much easier to make and grants a good SPR too.
Orange and solmiki weaps are made for main DPS characters, you don’t need to tryhard for that imo

Thanks for sharing your experience.

And actually, i may be wrong, a dev said practo weapons are made for those players that can’t invest their time into solmiki gears. (, added to the first post too)

We’ve sent the PM, please check for it :smile: