Tree of Savior

2nd round PP shop


I’m feel surprised and disappointed on this PP Shop event Again & Again.
Let talk about the Per 30 min 10 point.
Example office staff, they Weekday working from 9AM to 6PM.
Early morning 7.00AM wake up.
Get ready to Work on ‘‘8AM’’ (Traffic jam 1 to 2 hours.)
After Working hours, (Traffic jam 1 to 2 hours.)
Arrived home at 7 PM take 1 Hours for dinner and rest.
Starting on 8PM and play until midnight 12AM,
And AFK for PP until next morning ‘‘8AM’’

Let calculate Start From Night time 8PM until next day Morning 8AM.
Per 30 min get 10 point = per hour 20 point x 12 hours = 240 Point.
Daily is getting 240 point & 1 Month is 25 Weekday x 240 point = 6000 Point.
Normal player can’t enjoy this event, because its too tight for them.

Except the 3 Hours player is Alive, how was other 9 hours? AFK, AFK and AFK!!!
What Tree of Savior requested for now?
More AFK and Bot Player? or turning Active player to Bot?

Now Tree of Savior is Losing players even new player leaving after joined a week or a month.
And New Game is keep coming out, how you all keeping the player?

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia


You can get more than 240 points daily.


Of cause we can earnings more, just turn on 24 hours and get max 480 points per day.:smirk:


I think that you can get 100 points at random.


It’s perfect timing then, you’lle have a good heater for winter this year.


3000 PP what we can buy?
Buy Ore Box or TP item random box?
below video is using 8000 PP to bought 80 TP box,
How bad the rate to open 1 TOKEN.


why not we just set a notification?
every 1 hour jump out and ask ‘‘Are you Bot?’’ We answer will giving bonus PP point,
IF not will be deduct PP point and return back to Character selection page.
When many time on same ID, IMC Can do action to warning or Ban it.

We can benefit active player and give penalty Bot player.
Win - Win.


Since when is 20x8 =240? My school taught me that 20x8 = 160…

also, it’s 2nd (second) and not 2th (what should that be? twoth?).


Thanks. Amended to 12 hours and 2nd.


Hey buddy, I’m trying to suggest good way.
you can refer on Maplestory, they are doing well on this.
the notification system is not necessarily 1 hour.
Maybe is shorter to 30 min or longer then 1 hour.
They can giving a chance or more to reply.
If because you doing chore or busy for other case more than that “1 hours+ and continue to miss up the notification, when getting deduct PP point or kicked out that will be your mistake.
And the best part we can having a great benefit when answer the notification system.
The benefit can be Like bonus PP point, Gain Exp 30% or other else.

how you thinks when bot player increase in the game? the 1st effected is what?
the answer is Market, the worst part is that the price has been rising.
Example item : HP potion
the cost around 50 silver for each potion but market is selling 640 silver, was increase about 1280%
At the end player have to pay and buy the high price items.

If you worry will break the game, IMC can just run and test for the notification system.
When players feel is a suck system, we can just stop it.

Never try Never know, only know when you tried.
This is what i’m trying to say and hope IMC keep doing well on this game.
Thank you.


I’m agree IMC has worst manger for this game and no idea how distinguish between good or bad on this game engine. But i believe the game engine is great, because you and us are still playing TOS. Dont talk about hire staff to seaching around, even is GM we cant see it at all. The funny part is GM no Often at town and we have to wait for IMC to arrange Date/time/location, so now we are hunting WB or GM?

How high function on this noticification system?
they can use noticification on Buff, TBL, WB, GVG & etc, but Can’t use on ‘Are you Bot’??
IMC add on NEW notification system to record when player skill or other things (refer ring bell logo on chat IU), that Really Can’t use on ‘Are you Bot’?

Ya, can’t anti bots farming silver much. Just try our best to report.

Who ignore problem when TOS open for public? IMC!
Who missed the prime time to solve the problem? IMC!
At the end who Caused TOS become lower-popular Game? Is IMC!!!
Everytime IMC do something wrong, they may learned lesson and solving, but slowly as snails.
Player won’t waiting TOS Roll up, If IMC still never try/test/move on, TOS will crumble down too.

Let go back the topic to talk how Great and wonderful on this event.
The Maximum PP we earn a month is 14,880, and the costume need 15,000.
But Every month will RESET PP point and purchase limit, so how we get the costume???