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2nd Goddess Roulette issue

Does the 2nd Goddess Roulette event in Season server isn’t meant to be completed?

With my calculation, you can only get 700 coin.
The event opened on 13 Oct and will end on 10 Nov, it means you only have 28 days to farm the coin, in one day you can only get 25 coin, 28*25 = 700.
Of course you can get the remaining 300 coin by clearing the Stamp tour, but i’ve cleared most of it and already claimed the reward even before the 2nd Goddess Roulette started that i dont even know IMC will make the 2nd event.

Is there something wrong with my calculation or the event isn’t even meant to be completed?

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If you have completed some stamp tours quest before Oct 13 it’s impossible get 1000 coins