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2H Sword vs Spear? (raw stats)

With Luchador and the Swordsman changes slowly approaching, I’m considering doing a “weaponless” AA build involving Barbarian, Nak Muay, and Luchador. No, I cannot be talked out of doing this. If I’m going to have an alt that mainly exists to clear the daily Challenge Mode run, I may as well have fun with it.

What I want to know, though, is whether I should use a Two Handed Sword & Trinket or a Two Handed Spear & Trinket. Since this build isn’t weapon restricted, I’d want to use whatever gives the most atk.

  • 2H Sword
  • 2H Spear
  • atk is roughly the same

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Okay. It seems that even though 2H Spears and 2H Swords have different attack ranges, the average physical attack given by them is the same. The additional damage attribute that certain classes have, including Nak Muay in the future update, seems to scale based on this average physical attack value. I tested this out using a Cannon and Musket on my Quarrel Shooter of similar equipment quality. Both weapons increased additional damage by the same amount.

Thanks for the input, those who voted. I’ll just decide on which one to use based on appearances.