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2H Sword Ichor ? Moring or Skiaclipse

I’ve been wondering what’s the better ichor
Moringpoina (5 Frenzy stack, 16% boost at max lvl + max attribute , Extras Crits)
Skiaclipse 2H (30% boost to zucken,redel + Extras CON , AOE attack ratio)

in a case where you have maxed attribute (lvl100) on Frenzy , Zucken , Redel

go with the cheaper one. Because sooner or later you will upgrade to vaivora/glacier ichor

I already have moringponia on me but I’m looking for a upgrade
I didn’t know if Skiaclipse is a good choice or not though that’s why I post it here
it seems like it’s not good enough/worth it to be upgrading right now

yeah, the difference is not as significant as vaivora, hold your money

This is an awful comparison btw and shouldn’t be referenced for anything other than to laugh.

  • 100m parse
  • only 1 data set
  • did they use the same rotation?

Maybe if it was 5 different parses, over 1b damage it would show something meaningful.


Also, his run lasted less than 50 seconds, making the cooldown reduction on the Vaivora not show its effects.

so not even enough time that control blade and blossom slash superior CD would take effect, using savinose set on test server with pyktis so crit rate is abysmal with mean lower hit count like Blossom Slash hasn’t have time to shine yet compare to those 3 over heat skill?