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2h spear build gear question

I’m currently a Dragoon-Barb-Hoplite and just got this lvl350 +11 stage 5 spear from the returning event. So I have some questions

  1. At what level should I replace it with a better one and what endgame spear should I aim to go for?
  2. What accessories are good for my build that is not too crazy expensive like drakonas?
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Savinose or wait for Varna, Savinose is easier to get. Both of those Pikes are level 400 Legendary.

In general I’d recommend going Varna for the Smugis set effect, Savinose has Rykuma which is fantastic in PVP though. Savinose does have Korup which is useful in PVE under certain conditions, particularly party and Guild PVE content.

Short term if you get a higher Transcended level 400 Unique Pike switch out for that when you get there.

Nepagristas or Abyss Irredian. Nepagristas can be a good investment since you need them for Drakonas Pasiutes anyway.

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I heard some ppl in my guild say that Skiaclipse Pike is good because of the arts system incoming. Is that true?

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only good for ichoring, your main weapon must be legendary grade if you care for DPS

and that art system need 150 million silver just to change your normal X skill to arts version of that X skill, another 121 million to maxed the attribute

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