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2h Dspear build?

Hey fellow saviors,

right now im rocking a dragoon class with hoplite and barbarian. I chose this build because i wanted to experiment and i wanted a DPS role ofcourse (reminds me of lancer fate series :slight_smile:) . Atm i have 1000str with over 25k attack, but somehow i feel kinda weak compared to other classes? I see this when taking on skia and not ranking high as most damage dealer. Also in gem feud when i fight a full con build i barely scratch him… Am i doing something wrong

I could be wrong, but I found most people are PVE or PVP and not both. Builds between the two differ quiet a bit in gear and preference of stats allocations.

If you aren’t ranking as high, that is okay. There are many players who do well more damage than I can on certain boss combinations. Don’t worry too much. Really without seeing your gear I can’t tell. Meta builds or meme builds, cookie cutters, etc. The builds right now that do the most damage are pretty standard. They aren’t as unique or fun but they are calculated to provide the most damage possible. If you want to see the numbers up there and don’t care if you are like everyone else, then you might want to consider changing your build. If you want to be one of a kind don’t expect to be up there, but be confident and gear up as best you can.
Gear is another hard part since without knowing your gear no one can help tell you if you are doing it wrong. PVE you want STR, Crit, Con, accuracy/evasion as your main focus. Str helps damage, crit helps too. con and evasion are for survivalist. Cards are another big one, the right cards equipped can easily increase your dmg output by 30%+

Without breaking everything down, try these tips and see where you get!

In your build, only Dragoon has high sfr skills. If you want higher DPS, you should consider changing one of your classes to lancer. As a dragoon-hoplite-retiarius user, the few 2-handers that I normally see out-damaging me are dragoon-cata-lancer and dragoon-hoplite-lancer builds.

you need more burst dmg,… hoplite skills are more useful for bosses, and Barb skills not enough high dmg, and can only be supplemented with frenzy buff and warcry.

OR maybe the one you fought has tons of DMG/pvp dmg reduction stats.