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24 hourMaintenance compensation

Hi ! i would like to ask something for everyone [or admins]
if we Go back to the game and find out that the Compensation rewards
we were supposed to get Were Not Received, do we send a complain
through a ticket ?
i know the transfer’s supposed to be 24 hours but i checked my mail
through fedimian Server and noticed that the compensation gifts
we were supposed to get was Not given as promised.

i only received 2 exp tomes and 1 dungeon reset voucher.

In case by the end of maintenance i Still have Less what i was supposed
to get, do i send a ticket to support, or should the inquiry Suffice
Through this Post for Help ? -i Play Klaipeda-

—> in case there were people who misunderstood my Post
i had like to clarify that i Checked my Mailbox Through fedimian server
because my Server klaipeda was offline for maintenance

i finished checking , i got no compensation whatsoever on my account
in klaipeda.

the compensations for Klaipeda and Orcha gona be available once the servers are back online

Well, I’d assume since Fedimian Server maintenance was only 4 hours they only get 2 exp tomes and 1 dungeon reset. It wouldn’t make sense to give that server the same compensation when the other servers had to wait a whole 24 hrs instead of 4.

It seems like GMs can send “server wide mail”, like for the DLC packs, and they can also send “server specific mails” like the one you are looking at on Fedimian.

That compensation mail you are looking at will only show up when you check your mail on Fedimian, and when you check your mail on the SA server you will see a mail with the proper compensation.

Actually I don’t think there was any compensation for that, since it was just scheduled maintenance…
I’ve no idea where the OP got any items from, as the notes don’t say anything about Fedimian and Telsiai.

It is from the EU move:

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I checked My mailbox On klaipeda, i got No compensation gifts whatsoever !
what should i do to get help ?
is there any private messageg i could send to an admin on the forum about my account ?

mine is in the mail box but cant retrieve it

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Ty, my compensation was received. anyone else still with this issue?