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2 weeks without weekly questions and answers

And just because of that I want to suggest some questions people want answered:

  1. Why the bot detection module is not implemented yet?
  2. Are there plans to reduce the auction house retrieve queue time?
  3. Can we know more details on how the class reset system is going to work?
  4. Are we getting rank 8 before christmas?

5. more costumes please
6. more pets please


7. Can we know what you had for lunch? Is it kimchi?
8. There is noticeable longer queue time in mission/dungeon, will IMC do anything regarding this?
9. Is there any news on making Untradeable atleast Tradable among alts for own usage?

There is nothing they can do about this, its up to the players. More in queue, faster queue times. You should re-phrase your question to.

Will you allow us to leave queue tower so we can go do something useful while waiting? (like TBL).

I think the reason is cause it take part of the Dev Blog and last week they had the performance test thingy, but I really like the idea of making a list of questions :slight_smile:

What do you think @STAFF_Ethan

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no, i just keeping the end open so IMC can do whatever they think that would help…

if its idea/suggestions you’re asking, i’ve alot, but idea/knowledge is valueable, they better pay me tp for contribution.

Queue-anyhere has been addressed to, forgot where is the official statement, i think its in the Dev Blog.
ohya, so whats the progress now? Regarding queue-anywhere…

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They had something about that here: if you missed it. But we’d see the patch applied to kToS first before it got to us most likely.

I wouldn’t mind knowing:

  1. Any hint or details on the unconfirmed class reset system. (limitations, what happens to trained attributes, TP item or event item, etc).
  2. Is there more game optimization coming down the line post 9/20 patch?

thanks, but sad about the Red item like catacomb or didel, plunger is character-bound-on-pick…
Wish we would be able to trade Red item among alts(aka account-bind)