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2 players with plans to be AFK in the DUNGEON and one of them very toxic

  • Reason for report : The player Kwk was AFK in the dungeon with the help of his friend Lassombra. Lassombra told Kwk to disconnect from the game and only log in when we were to kill the final boss. This is getting AFK in the dungeon, I’d like to report it. Lassombra an extremely toxic player talking ■■■■ in the shout, but it was he who planned along with the player AFK

  • Server : Silute

  • Team Name : Kwk and Lassombra

  • Location : Dungeon 330

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 01: 17 pm

  • Evidence

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Hello ishyo21,

Thank you for providing us a detailed report regarding this issue. Such actions is not tolerable and is definitely being frowned upon. We will continue monitoring on these players if ever they are proven guilty of their actions.

I know this is completely unrespectful with the others players, but i really can’t blame them. Dungeons have become super boring really, there is absolutely no challenge. I really would like they revisit the dungeons now with the rebuild.

If such actions were not tolerated players like “Highwin” and “Desemprego” would already have been banished for a long time from the server silute

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