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1st waring illegal Trade

now My Main ID got 1st waring illegal Trade

Why I can’t trade item with second ID ?
now my item and silver is gone. so sad
Can trade item with second ID ?

If by second ID you mean an alt account, IMC considers this ‘funneling’’ and indistinguishable from RMT. It is something of a broad strokes application of the rule.

Read the Multi-Accounts section here

so sad I trade all item because I want to test a new class in my second ID .
Now my item gone :frowning:

Why I Trade All?
-My first play Arbalester My second play SR that all ID I buy Arbor Day Package.
-I can’t buy 2 set of Arbor Day Package in on account because TP limit :frowning:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

why dont just create an arbalest in your account ? funneling is one of the big problems in this game ppl with 5 accounts funneling silver like crazy to their main pls dont do this