Tree of Savior

1st Beta Territory War Infograph


Like we posted the announcement the day yesterday, the 2nd round of Territory Wars will be put to test for the second time.

Also as you saw from the last announcements there were many fixes applied based on the survey and your actual feedbacks on the forum, we tried to apply as many things from the feedback as possible.

For us its kind of experimental issue, while gathering and sharing data with the Devs, we thought why don’t we give it a go with some Infographics based on the data in the 1st beta of territory war.

And here it is! :haha:

I am looking forward to many users attend on the second tests as well

Good luck on TW.



Archers were the least played and the second most defeated… This makes me sad.


Clerics are the most played and the least most defeated :haha:


Whoopps! I’ll take that back :heeey:
It was the kill, I read things wrong even I mined that data :tired:


cleric and wizard is so broken v_v


Nice, love stuff like this. Would love to see class breakdowns within each class type, but that might be tough.

Str archers represent.



Hopefully the re-balance/reworks will address this.



667 characters entered a TW zone over 7 days.


wat, no not even close.

Also this is just Klaipeda and the 10-11 time prohibited a bunch of players from even participating.


That combined with their self-sustain and high DPS makes the class rather formidable in PvP, which is likely why most players were Clerics, most opponents were defeated by Wizards followed by Clerics, and the least defeated opponents were Clerics.

Personally I think Clerics should receive the least return on their CON investment given they’re fundamentally the only support class tree and have the most self-sustain/healing.


cleric deveria ter uma ganho de hp ainda menor do que é hoje pois é muito complicado termos uma classe que na maioria dos mmo são apenas suporte com um dps alto o suficiente para ficar acima de swords e archers numa guerra. sobre os wizards não fiquei surpreso. fiquei feliz em ver que ainda há bastante swords jogando e triste em ver que archer são a minoria de uma maneira geral.


You know there’s something VERY wrong when a cleric kills more than an archer and tank more than a swordman.
Ideal list for me:

Top killers:

Most Defeated:


Do we have any info on what guilds killed the most?


any chance we can get the numbers on how many kills and deaths each class got? xD


But that is assuming every swords is tank and every cleric is support, which is entirely the opposite of this game proposition.

I’m not saying things are balanced, especially because clerics are really op on pvp, and p.atak users are underwelming. But stating that clerics are healers and thus should do 0 dps is just ignoring the fact that we have 9 circles of what ever the hell we choose to put togheter on a build :tired:


Top Killers:
Wizard ****
Cleric ***
Archer **
Swordsman *

Most Defeated:
Wizard *
Archer **
Swordsman ***
Cleric ****

Cleric *******
Wizard *****
Archer ****
Swordsman ****

Rearrange for 5 stars?

Top Killers:
Wizard ****
Archer ***
Cleric **
Swordsman *

Most Defeated:
Wizard *
Archer **
Cleric ***
Swordsman ****


That strawman tho. /20clerics


bust make a cleric dps build less tank and less suportive is mandatory
and make suportive and tank builds 0 dps (hello r7 not nerfed in gtw)


Cleric is not broken, it’s balanced. It deals damage and survives well.

Wizard is broken[too much damage so also too much squish], and Swordsman will become even more broken once Guardian will just add +100% magic defence and physical defence + 20% damage reduction with 100% uptime.
That’s 1000 times better than having Heal& Safety Zone, + they also have a higher base HP pool than Clerics to boot (and the better PvP skills[Retiarius,Murmillio,Lancer,Squire,Templar]).

Archer will be better with the arrival of Pied Piper, as you can have Quarrel Shooter, Appraiser and Pied Piper in one build to utterly destroy your opponents with CC over CC.