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1h spear vs 2h pike

Hi guys. I’m currently using a pelt-hop-Cata build. And I wanna switch pelt to lancer. What I’m wondering is if I should stick to 1h with shield or 2h pike?
What are the benefits for both and their cons?
And if I were to switch class, would I get back the attribute points I invested in? Is there a way to get them back

Thank you!

you need 2 hand spear to use Lancer skills, end of story. In theory you could keep that shield in a slot and let auto weapon swap do the work for you to use Lancer skills, but there is no point investing into a one hand spear.

Also, don’t try auto weapon swap if you have a one hand spear equipped, because all of your Hoplite and Cataphract skills will be executed with the one hand spear instead of the two hand one then.

About the shield in second slot so you can auto swap for your skills, I’m not the right person to answer this, because I don’t know if empty main hand + shield will always switch to two hand spear for all of your skills (as Cataphract seems to be compatible with ± every weapon type aside of rapiers and 2 hand swords); better to have someone else answer this specific issue.

two handed much better because, one handed is for retarius build , btw u need zega spear + durandal for buffing purpose

Thank you for your suggestion. I am trying to switch to a 2h spear. But I need time for it. Currently using a Primus dynsai pike. T8 +6.

Should I use it for now and go for a Varna pike or get something before that?

use the ep11 savinose pike.