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125,000 Worth of Attributes! | Receptionist Quest Guide

Video Description : A short guide for free attribute points! You can get up to 125,000 attributes from clearing Receptionist quests in Klaipeda! Keep in mind that these quests required high level but you should be able to access by the time you hit level 380-400+

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cheating way for this quest is CM, you can repeat cm without finishing it for quest


Oh man, i just figured this out whole doing CM + quests. Sweet tip right here ^

Ohhh! nice! Imma try it later huhuhu … almost done with the tvir quest manually zzz

However it seems like the CM method kinda dipped upon fortress map and beyond, since you need to clear at least stage 3 to fulfill all the kill requirements. It will still be more efficient to move around the map and kill the mobs along with the emergency quests. (which gives exp as well)

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Question … is the repeatable quest from NPC Ramda a weekly/monthly thing? or a 1 time only quest per team?

10 times per quest, per char.

ohh! didn’t notice that its per char … thanks!