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Will 1:1 trade be available in international ToS?

Sorry, I know I can just google this, but this is easier ;x. So Tokens is like vip right? So we’re gonna have to pay in order to trade?

At the Moment it Looks like yes.

You see Token = 198 TP in kTos

I see, thank you for your prompt response ;3

If there is a topic about it: You moron, why didnt you search?
If there is no topic about it: You moron, obviously nobody knows.

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It’s worth mentioning that the tokens can be purchased from other players through the marketplace… In kToS they were very affordable. It’s a similar system to Tera, Eve, and I want to say Wildstar.

In any case there’ll be a topic about it with one of those statements (either no one knows or there was an update about it).[quote=“black_light, post:7, topic:151671”]
There is really no appeasing you is there Atari?

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Sadly for now its not. Ifvwe as a community lets imc to know we need it then they may add it

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[quote=“atari, post:2, topic:151671, full:true”]
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My only hope for tokens is that the price for one is around 10$.

I know looking at the Korean game the price should be around 19$, kind of fair I suppose, but that feels steep for a game like ToS. Just my oppinion.

My reason for around 10 buck price is that I’d like to buy other things from the store too every month (fun stuff, cosmetics etc.), not just a token and that’s it because it’s the same price as any other MMO monthly.

Pretty sure just like ktos that there won’t be trading until a little later on. That’s probably why the FAQ says that there won’t be trading. It’s just for now and not forever.

Movement speed applies to pvp?
What’s the Token price?

Keep in mind the 1:1 trading the token allows is SEVERELY limited

I think tokens are going to be 100 TP.

Here is my reasoning:

You are getting 160 TP for $10.

If you had bought 3 of the first pack, you would be getting 480 TP for $30 instead of 380 TP for $30, therefore 1x30 day Token + 1 Hair Accessory needs to have a value > 100 TP. If you take a token to be worth 100 TP then the incentive for this pack become the unique Hair Accessory.

If you had bought 5 of the first pack you would be getting 800 TP instead of 650. Therefore the rest of the items needs to have a value > 250 TP. The incentive for this pack is then the unique Accessories, Hoglan, and Stat/Skill reset for a cost of 50 TP.

If you take a token to have a value of 100 TP, then the packs are all fairly equal in value, and are not very P2W, with each pack giving only a slight incentive over the last. Sure, they could have a value of 198 TP with each pack giving a much larger incentive over the last, but that makes it more P2W and I don’t want to think of it like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, 198 TP = ~$18 which is fairly expensive to pay each month. $9 a month seems much more reasonable.


Yea thats dumb things like FF and Wow charge less that that

But the token isn’t mandatory, you can play for free, and I think you can even buy the token using silvers from the market.

they just updated FAQ today. it seems 1:1 trade enabled now, we will wait for further details on it.