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When is the actually official release date? with the new founder pack

Dear IMC and all interested players,
According to the new founder pack options, I believe that many of us are having question in mind. When the official release date would be? Because this information perhaps influence the vote as well; where some may want to play as soon as possible. It would be please If IMC is going to finalize and publish the official date based on the new plan.
Else, if the official launch is remain on June,
Option A: still on June
Option B: on May
Option C: on March

Thank you to all attention

It should be WHEN not what :sparkles:

Reading the post you’d expect seeing releasedates. But there are none. So, assuming IMC would rather go with the 3 months idea, it would be smart to actually add releasedates to lead the users to the 3 months option. But they did not. So they:

  1. are negligently stupid
  2. dont want to work for 2 months
  3. plan to actually open the servers on the 22th

That the deal. Pick your most probable one~

That too…
Too many unclear statements, we need more info on this matter and I’m not giving my money to a lazy company that can’t inform its community


Clam down dude!! The vote not even ended yet. :open_mouth:


Ehh… service schedule…?

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