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When Could We Start Applying For Team Migration?

Good day,

As per post title, I would like to inquire on the date which we, the players, would be able to apply for a server migration.

Previously, it was stated that the migration would occur one week before the F2P flood gate opens. Hence the application to request for a migration should take place sometime this week, but is there any information on the application?

Any administrators out there willing to give a confirmation date?

Thank you.

public access / f2p is still 2 weeks away, and since they’ve made no announcement about it, assume no news.

last time i saw anything about it, they said migrations will take place “around the time of” the f2p access. nothing about “a week before” or applying for it a week before that. basically: public access is about 2 weeks away. expect to wait about a week (at least) before the applications open. assuming they aren’t simply delayed by other issues.

–scheduled maintenance is on the 26th, so this might be the time they pull the characters from the current servers, to be applied to the new servers or the day or two after that, as they reopen in their new locations.

We will be taking requests from those who would like to make a Team transfer once new worlds open. The transfers will happen approximately 3 weeks after the new worlds are created in order to ensure that some of the head-start effects brought by older players are reduced.


edit: my bad i didnt quite read stuff thoroughly, anyway ill keep this post

that post would be regarding further servers, in addition to the 4 currently active.

that is, the 4 we have now almost certainly will become overloaded when f2p is opened to the public, and they’ll need to open more servers.

it seems like ANYONE can apply to move to these new servers; every account that purchased 1 or more Founders’ Access packs gets 1 free server transfer (total, not per pack.) however, you need to wait until the new server has been running for about 3 weeks before they’ll move players to it. so, if the existing servers get overcrowded, then mid-may(ish), we’ll be allowed to flee like rats jumping a sinking ship. (lol)

as always; subject to future updates from the people that are actually in charge.

Well, they did mention that the migration will occur 3 weeks after the new servers are open. We’re currently at the second week of the Early Access. That’s why I was wondering when we’ll be able to apply for the migration, since it has to be within the following 7 days if IMC was to keep they word on the migration period.

Anyhow, guess all I have to do is to keep lurking around until someone gets a definite answer.

“new servers” meaning servers opened after public access, to account for all the anticipated f2p traffic.

the SEA/EU servers are not (afaik) part of that. they’ll have their own transfer schedule… when it gets announced.

It seems that I spoke too soon.

The transfers are up.

lmao yep. i was slightly surprised to see it myself.

When an answer to the Telsiai server conditions are given, I hope.

@STAFF_John I want to move from Klaipeda to Orsha on 21st or 28th will it be possible or should i go f* myself?