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What does int do?

It says “increases magical attack” but looking at the wiki things like fireball say a fixed number and doesn’t show any calculation on what int would give while things like heal do. Does this mean int does not increase a lot of the spells damage and is only for a few select ones? Really unsure if I should put some int in or just go pure con can someone explain how to figure this out.

Magic attacks all incorporate your magic attack stat which is a combination of your Level, your Magic attack from your weapon, Magic Attack from Gear and your INT.

You mentioned Fireball and as an example, level 15 Fireball hits 15 times. Each hit is 324 (the damage of the skill listed) + your Magic attack.
If you have 1000 magic attack then the skill does 1324 damage before enemy defense and attack modifiers are included.

Int increases Magic attack By 1 point per Int. With Every Rank after the first your INT/STR are increased by 10% per rank. If I’m not mistaken this is an exponent. So rank 7 Increases your Int by 1.77x

Some attacks will show Modifiers in addition to the set damage these also affect your magic attack contribution.

In short: 1 Int = 1 matk. Every skill adds your Atk/Matk to skill’s flat number. Heal, Cure and Zaibas double dip from Int.

So does enchant fire also scale with int or is that just the flat amount since its a buff?