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What are the duty/possibilities of a Templar right now?


Introduction (Optional)

I quited the game long time ago, not because bots ,RMT or exploiters, but because of the Lag. As a owner of a poporion PC, was very hard to play, even making a Monk, and the hopes to buy a new pc in 2017 are over for now. I always wanted to came back, since ToS was one of a few games that really give me the good mood to play, but is just make a Login, to see the lag again and then give up.

But by playing Dont Starve (I hope I can tell the name of others games here), I realized that I really like to be a crafter, and I was thinking. that maybe a way to came back to ToS was becoming a Templar and focusing only on the management of the clan.


How is the work of templar now in the game? It still need the Templar to be online everytime a clan wanted to enter a clan battle?
What beyond farming plants and organize players Templars can do?
From where I see:

  • Invite players.
  • Farm plants.
  • Enable the Clan to participate in a clan battle.
    But what more (exclusively for off-battle)?

Thank you for your atention.



Holy. Every templars thread last only a few days, and this one never got an answers.

Aside from what you listed,
Templar could led his/her guildies to any guild events (Which the rewards is really bad AFAIK)
-Guild Bosses (Give you a potion recipe which you will never use it yourself)
-Guild Mission (Gives you talt / hamster egg which don’t last forever)
-Guild Raid (A pain to kill all the high HP bosses to get you a small buff to your guildies for a full day)

-Templar could also be a taxi job, call to arms with his summoning skills to gather around.
-Also a small 50 STR Buff for all guildies who is in AoE of your buff.

And of course. Templars can do 1 thing for sure, To Stand Tall without giving a thought of buying any attributes. Because “Attributes is only for the weak class” Said any templar on ToS.

Seriously, Templars info is nowhere to be found, and this class is never being buffed for real. The only buff I know for this whole time is only a cooldown reduction of his summoning skills, which is not really useful consider nobody use his templar as a main.

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Thanks for the infos, I apreciate that.



Wait Wait Wait, do you mean that even after i raise the hamster dont last forever? how many days last then?



Can’t be 100% sure but AFAIK. Hamster need a pet food called alfafa which is not implemented yet to feed. So without that food, the hamster would starve to dead in about 40-50 days. Forgot the exact duration.
Our guildies who got hamster for that duration didn’t play anymore so I couldn’t give you a confirmation.

And also forgot to state that. Templar is not needed to start an event or gvg. You just need a templar as your alt, and you still could start every event/gvg that is featured for a guild with your main char.

To be honest, if I may rant a little. The worst rank 8 should be templar 2. Their skill was never been explained. Share buffs is not a good skill. Damage skill is bad, no passive defense skills. Their building buff is a pain to get and only last for 24 hours for a small patk/matk boost. And evenmore. You cannot use rank reset for your templar unless you ask other templar to help you.
I wonder if there are any one with their templar as a main without feeling a let down with that class.

Guild features were also never updated. Only those events which didnt give you anything good and un-fun. No kinds of raid/event to leveling your guilds, even the simple vice position is not yet to be implemented with their sweet promises a few months back.

Actually. The games didn’t let a guild shone much because the game is not meant for a party of 15-30 player in a map without freezing your screen.

I would really suggest at least, make any event or pvp mode for guild where you need to separate your member to compete (tactical pvp). at least with that, all your member could participate and every1 could enjoy the mode without much fps issues. Which I doubt would happen…

I really wonder where are all other templar2. Why are there so little info on this class on this forum. Anyone to give us guild info is really appreciated.



Sorry. I think I might be misinformed about hamster pet. Without alfafa the hamster wont die. It only couldnt be used by mounted class. Still am not 100% sure. I never got the hamster for myself yet. And other guildies hamster is not yet 50days old



@wilson.tjua someone did the miracle for us.

also @dark_lord_miguel

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I might not be able to help with templar stuff, but i have a cute little hamster.
There are no hamster food, but pets are immortal so it don’t matter. No idea where you got the 40-50 day life thing from.

The only thing you don’t get is the pet bonus you normaly get when used by a mounted class. As this only apply when the pet got stamina, something it gets when you feed it.

You can also get the Snow Owl pet for Falconers from Guild Mission. But you need guild lvl 17 to do it, so i havent seen anyone with it ingame jet.