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Updated Leveling Guide (Version 3.0)

You can make an empty party by hitting f4 or f5 and clicking create party. Then you can just click enter now at the npc.

Go buy pardoner buffs to help you with clearing it

Thanks I did that, but I didn’t get the extra EXP buff when entering the dungeon by myself… if I enter with someone else, I get like an additional 150% EXP but going by myself, there’s no additional buff if I just click “enter now”…

Getting to level 1 to 360 is easy and fast but when start to quest on Yellow or Blue quests to reach even level to 400 becomes soooo damn long.

I preferred the grind over questings anytime.The quest are easy but too long to reach level 400.You get puzzle quests along the way that slows you down a bit.

It’s a shame that there isn’t anymore dungeons pass 330 and that grinding is no longer a suitable option to reach to 420.

By the way I used up all my exp cards from Wings of Vaivora.

iirc extra exp buff does not apply when going solo…
you can try to shout for partymates (megaphone is technically free).

as for the quest exp, i’m not sure if you are aware, TOS has exp reset feature… so there will be times when you feel you will level so fast or soooooooo slow.

I knew about resets since TOS was launch but don’t remember all the levels for them.

Can you tell me all the levels where the exp resets?

from tos neet:
After these Levels: 16, 46, 86, 136, 186, 236, 281, 360, 390 (and 420, when update comes)

I hit lv 360 and still questing and it still feels like I need to be on suicide watch…it’s very slow and depressing.

Anyways,going to be long road with 3 characters around lv 358.

leveling here is so easy comoare to other mmo games… just do quest and when there Pizza buff, its time grind and CM… and dont forget the event buff during weekend…and trade event coins for 8x tome.but priority 1st the legend equips…

Ahmm there is a lot of a map that doesn’t give a quest like in Lanko Water 26, Starry town up to Spell Tome Town please update it. Thanks

hmmmm that’s weird. as far as i know there’s quest chain at Starry town… Tho i am not sure whether there are prerequisites or not, or is it a bug

Oh the blue one. I though I just do all the gold one. Hahaha well the exp from sub quest over here in Starry town give enough exp. Thanks btw…

There are still some blue ones that are prerequisites for endgame content. I think you need to do the Starry Town arc to be able to enter Wastrel raid for example. Probably something the devs overlooked (clearly those should be gold quests).

Yeah I just finish the quest the earlier it give me access to that raid. And they should make it to gold tbh. T-T anyway thanks again