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Transfer is a FALSE

Today the members of my guild sent an interesting answer to a support.

If I understand correctly written, your open early access kits nobody is going to endure. This was not mentioned in the announcement of the transfer. Therefore, many have opened packs at the Klaipeda and shake there characters. While all this time IMC GAMES did not plan to transfer your premium and items. BOOM.

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They warned you ahead of time that if you wanted to transfer you should not open your founder’s pack stuff. Your own fault for not reading into it.


I have not seen one about this information since the announcement of the transfer, and like all who play on Klaipeda opened pack with a view to move to Europe? I am not one who is now stunned by this news, well, that’s their reputation, I’ll make a scandal, if need be.

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WTF i didnt saw the information, thet they wont transfer my stuff.
IMC You say nothing about it in that post


So, where is any information and what i need to do now with my 2 opened packs?


Note: this only applies to full team transfer from one server to another when they start to allow that.


Of cource i opened my pack instantly after this post. You promiced to us transfer, but now u say about this “LITTLE” detail. I have no words…

From your screenshot i can assume that a friend of yours asked to transfer item/active token from one character to another or to character on another server. If thats the case - then support’s response is correct.


No he asked about whole family transfer from Klapedia to Femidian

Ticket text:

Hello, at the starting of release you wrote that EU server is not planned and I created account in American servers. But now this server laggy and I cant played by my character today. But EU server created :frowning: Main time when I can play it at weekends, and its too bad. Dungeons not working 3 days. Market not working almost 1-2 days for me. I going questing today and CommanderLoadFail… Is it joke?

Could you please transfer my team to EU server? Im from Belarus, its more pleasure for me.

It is really bad, I like your game, I want progression, I have friends who wanna started playing soon with me, but I cant recommend game which I cant login to play…

if you still have the Token items (and whatever other items) in your inventory, those would transfer with your character – as items, because that’s what they are.

if you’ve USED the items, to add the services to your account, they are no longer transferable, because there’s no longer an item to move.

quoting one specific announcement that happens to conveniently not mention it doesn’t prove anything.
it’s your responsibility to keep yourself up to date on the various announcements. IMC can only make them available, they can’t -make- you read them.

if you lose out because you jump in without reading, that isn’t their fault.


If that was the exact ticket text then support’s response is just. They wont/cant offer team transfers until the end of exclusive access period and they have been open about this. IF they have made exception for you then they would have become swarmed with transfer requests and had less time to sort out current issues.

From the facebook page regarding tokens transfering etc read botto bit

Tree of Savior
30 March at 18:13 ·
Greetings Saviors,
Prior to our announcement, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced due to numerous issues at launch.
In order to enhance your gameplay experience, we have opened 2 new servers, and they will be relocated at a later date to the EU and SEA regions to provide more stable connection.
We are planning on offering team transfers from the original Klaipeda and Orsha servers to the new servers. This will allow redistribution of the player base and resolve the server bottleneck issues that some have experienced.
We have compiled a brief FAQ about the team transfer.
Q. Will the Team name created on the original server be transferred to the new server?
A. Team names are globally unique across all servers. Therefore, there will be no conflicting team names.
Q. Will all the gameplay records and DLC benefits from the original server be transferred as well?
A. All the items and character information along with the DLC benefits will be transferred. If you have already activated a Token, its benefits will carry over as well.

What exactly did they ask support? Do you have a screenshot of the question? Because afaik the post above me is true.

just because it was intended as true when they said it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t changed since then.

that said, we’re all just blowing smoke at each other. better to just wait until the transfers actually become available, and see what the situation is at that time, when all the details have been finalized.

Thats what I asked in the last thread as well.

If the IMC reply is just a standard reply they should really change its wording.

The question that was asked is very important. That will explain in what context the answer was given.

I remember them saying they would do transfers earlier, but you cant transfer opened DLC packs, but if you wait until the game is released to F2P you would be able to transfer opened packs. of course i cant find the post… maybe i imagined it.

So, we dont know if he was saying something like “I need to move ASAP” or “I want to move from klaipeda to orsha” which you cant do. We have no idea.

I still believe they will transfer everything when the time comes.