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The clock is ticking: option 1 and 2 time tables please

The polls for choosing the founder’s pack have a 24 hr deadline. People have already cast their votes. We are still missing the information on the time table for these options (except option 3). How does IMC expect an informed decision without all the information.

They say the starting dates will be similar for all choices. That is all they say. Currently the known starting dates are March 22 for founders and June 19 for non-founders.

By the looks of things option 2 will win. Founders will start on March 22 and end on April 22. Non-founders will start on June 19. What happens between April 22 and June 19? They haven’t said anything about moving the June 19 start.

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I think it’s pretty obvious… X time early access means that you start before they open the servers for everybody.

That’s perfectly logical and I don’t even understand how can you misunderstood it. :smiley:


imagine if they start march then end at april then continue in june

You mean like how everybody assumed what “soon” meant and felt betrayed when what they assumed wasn’t actually happening?

If that is what they plan, then why not come out and say it? Why hide this information specially when we are voting (24 hr deadline) an a founders pack that has a time table.

I would lie if I say that I understand this post now. I’m confused… I just gave you an answer.

They don’t say it , cause it’s obvious…

We have strange phrase here
“Service shall start on a similar date regardless of which option is chosen.”
I don’t fully understand what they are meaning under this.

He thinks they are going to close the servers from April 22nd to June 19, just to add the new servers for the F2Pers. I know what he means but he’s a little confused himself. I tried to explain it but I got tired.

well that’s sad, maybe let founders use the idle time to test the server more, so to give f2pers players a more polished game in June, :yum:

Explain to me how the dates are going to be similar for 3 largely different time tables: 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months.

Why say this instead of “EA will start on March 22 while f2p servers will start when EA ends”

They were referring to the early access date of course. And then from there you should be able to figure the rest out. Unless they really need to hold you hands to and from school.

But fine to fix it for them:
1 Week EA:
March 22nd - $50 VIP players only
March 26th - $30 VIP players only+
March 28th - $10 VIP players only+
March 29th - F2P players join
-Nothing else after this, thats it’s there’s no june 19 or may or april.

1 Month EA:
March 22nd - VIP players only
April 22th - F2P players join
-Nothing else after this, thats it’s there’s no june 19 or may.

3 Month EA:
March 22nd - $50 VIP players only
April 22nd - $30 VIP players only+
May 20th - $20 VIP players only+
June 19th - F2P players join
-Nothing else after this.

Edit 2:
Had to look up the last 2 dates lol

And that is you putting words in IMC’s mouth. Like we haven’t learned from the “obt soon” shitstorm. All they say is “Service”

The question is simple. “When can f2p players start”
The answer takes little effort. “When EA ends”

Why hide it?

-Response to your edit-
Are you an employee of IMC?
If yes, THANK YOU!! I could kiss you, but a bro fist will have to do.
If no, that is assumption. And we all know where that lead the last time.

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I head to read their post and do the math. The only dates that might change alot are the 1 week ones if the game delays a day or 2. So say EA is March 24th just do the math to shift it around.

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